Just in: Surplus by Harriet MacNamara

We just got a brand new assortment of items from Surplus.  They are tribal, industrial, whimsical and artsy.  All pieces are made from recycled bits and bobs.  We never know what Harriet will come up with next and it is always a treat seeing a new collection.  All of these pieces would be amazing paired with a draped white silk blouse.

Harriet describes the layered piece to the left as “very Santa Fe” and we agree.  The little iron heart details on this necklace are the best part, in my opinion.

She was also inspired by childhood games such as tic-tac-toe.  Can you see why?

As always, quantities are limited and pieces are one-of-kind.  Come visit if you are a fan of Surplus.



Scarab Necklace

Before a mummy was entombed in Ancient Egypt a scarab was placed on their neck to accompany them into the after life.  The scarab symbolizes your journey into your darkest places (scarabs live in dung) only to emerge stronger.  These concepts were so inspiring to us that we created the hitchcock Madrona Scarab Pendant.  It is made from a 2,500 year old scarab imported from Egypt.  Available in 18K gold or silver (bright or oxidized) with diamonds, rubies and sapphires.  Each necklace is unique and handmade.  We have turquoise, carnelian and lapis scarabs in two different sizes.  Prices range from $795 – $1550.

Pictured: Large Turquoise Scarab in 18K Gold with Rubies (hitchcock Madrona), Layers of Vintage Brass Necklace (Xenia Mara), Amethyst Bullet (Unearthen).