Concept: A Study on Patina

pat·i·na – noun:

1.  a film or incrustation, usually green, produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.
2.  a similar film or coloring appearing gradually on some other substance.
3.  a surface calcification of implements, usually indicating great age.

As the definition above suggests, patina is a tarnish that occurs through oxidation, weathering, age, or the wear-and-tear of an item as a result of deep love and constant use. It is perhaps most easily recognizable when it occurs on metals like bronze and silver. The process resulting in a patina can happen organically over time (think Greco-Roman bronzes or the Statue of Liberty) or through intentional distressing. Not limited to metals, patinas can manifest on leather, wood, or even buildings like this amazingly weathered wall in Anacortes.

At hitchcock Madrona, we believe in embracing the “imperfections” that can be found on pieces of jewelry. These so-called “flaws” have an unusual beauty all their own, and contribute to an item’s uniqueness. Patinas indicate a special quality that signals to the deeply personal connection that exists between the object and its wearer. They reflect where these objects have been, how they have been worn, and the ways that they continue to be vibrant elements of a wardrobe as they morph and change over time. The boots, bag, and jewelry shown below are all testaments to this ever-evolving process.

I noticed that when I photographed my sterling silver jewelry and turned the photo black and white you could really see the color and texture variation – patina!

Hammered yellow and rose gold filled bangle cuffs (the hammering is a man-made patina) and sterling silver men’s id bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona.

Sterling silver monogram shield necklace by Hitchcock Madrona.

Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag (smaller size).  These bags are made from Italian leather and Japanese canvas.

I have had my Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag for about 3 weeks so I have only noticed the upper right hand corner getting broken-in.  I can’t wait until this bag is rich and dark!

Check out my Frye boots – I have had these for a little more than six months.  Dustin just told me that if he wants something broken-in he would just give it to me to wear for a few weeks!  I guess I am hard on things – that is why quality goods and embracing patina is important.

Have a great weekend!



Outfit of the Day: Men’s Shoes

These aren’t actually men’s shoes (my feet are not that big), but they are MADE like men’s shoes.  I purchased these in Orvieto, Italy on holiday with my family in June.  These are handmade in Italy with substantial materials and detailed finish work.  It struck me – women’s shoes are NOT made with substance.  I could feel the difference just by picking up one shoe.  I was sold.

Earrings: Sterling silver, brass and waxed linen earrings by Winifred Grace.

Rings: (left to right) 1) Sterling Silver monogram signet ring by hitchcock Madrona. 2) Indian head penny (1905) and sterling silver ring by Shannon Koszyk. 3) Steel “Ace” ring (personal).

I am off this weekend for Casey’s family reunion tomorrow.  Dustin will be in the store Saturday.  Then D and I are off to Edmonton, Canada for an inspirational trip.  Kate is back in the store on Sunday.  Yeah!