Outfit of the Day: Faux Des Garcons

So excited to blog about this jacket! My good friend Summer is an expert seamstress. I recently asked her to recreate the Comme Des Garcons blanket coat from Fall 2009. I have been obsessed with the blanket coat for many years and have never seen one in real life. They sold out immediately and frankly, were out of my price range even at a discount on ebay. When I met Summer I knew that was the first thing I wanted. I used an old (about 5 years old) Banana Republic utility coat and a wool blanket from the Tibetan market in India. I know that this was a challenging project but Summer executed it perfectly. I love love love it!

Here is the Comme version on the runway –


AND mine –




I am also wearing my Hitchcock Madrona sterling and brown leather cuff.  This is an original design that everyone must own! We are working on a post all about this classic piece and how we developed it (it wasn’t easy!). I layered my 18k gold skulls and cross bones necklace (he has diamond eyes!) with my lapis, bronze and sterling spike necklace by Pamela Love. As you can see, I am trying to grow my hair out – not cute!

The Toyota Tacoma behind me is the official Hitchcock Madrona-mobile. So glamorous. It is amazing that a jewelry store needs a pick up truck but, we do!

I am getting very excited for the Surplus trunk show on Thursday evening.  Come toast one of our favorite artists!



EVENT: TODAY Fall Launch Party 5:00-7:30pm

Just in time for the season’s change, so has Hitchcock Madrona.  Come see the boutique’s entirely new interior as we introduce our latest fall collections.

Barbour continues to keep our attention with their Barbour International line (think Steve McQueen on a motorcycle).  Several new styles have arrived this week!  Below I am wearing the National Trials Jacket and new grey pearl necklace by Shannon Koszyk.  Along with a huge selection of Shannon’s jewelry, we have new items from Winifred Grace and Karazi Design.  This is our first collection from Karazi Design and we love it’s edgy elegant vibe.

Do you like MY new jacket?!  I’m obsessed.

Grey pearl and medallion necklace (worn doubled) by Shannon Koszyk.

Our own private label is expanded upon with schoolboy blazers, vintage-fit wool cardigans, tuxedo waistcoats in cashmere/wool, and our ever popular cashmere scarves in new checks and plaids.

Come see all that’s new, enjoy a glass of champagne, and toast the new season at Hitchcock Madrona’s Fall Launch Party.

Hitchcock Madrona Team

Concept: A Study on Patina

pat·i·na – noun:

1.  a film or incrustation, usually green, produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.
2.  a similar film or coloring appearing gradually on some other substance.
3.  a surface calcification of implements, usually indicating great age.

As the definition above suggests, patina is a tarnish that occurs through oxidation, weathering, age, or the wear-and-tear of an item as a result of deep love and constant use. It is perhaps most easily recognizable when it occurs on metals like bronze and silver. The process resulting in a patina can happen organically over time (think Greco-Roman bronzes or the Statue of Liberty) or through intentional distressing. Not limited to metals, patinas can manifest on leather, wood, or even buildings like this amazingly weathered wall in Anacortes.

At hitchcock Madrona, we believe in embracing the “imperfections” that can be found on pieces of jewelry. These so-called “flaws” have an unusual beauty all their own, and contribute to an item’s uniqueness. Patinas indicate a special quality that signals to the deeply personal connection that exists between the object and its wearer. They reflect where these objects have been, how they have been worn, and the ways that they continue to be vibrant elements of a wardrobe as they morph and change over time. The boots, bag, and jewelry shown below are all testaments to this ever-evolving process.

I noticed that when I photographed my sterling silver jewelry and turned the photo black and white you could really see the color and texture variation – patina!

Hammered yellow and rose gold filled bangle cuffs (the hammering is a man-made patina) and sterling silver men’s id bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona.

Sterling silver monogram shield necklace by Hitchcock Madrona.

Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag (smaller size).  These bags are made from Italian leather and Japanese canvas.

I have had my Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag for about 3 weeks so I have only noticed the upper right hand corner getting broken-in.  I can’t wait until this bag is rich and dark!

Check out my Frye boots – I have had these for a little more than six months.  Dustin just told me that if he wants something broken-in he would just give it to me to wear for a few weeks!  I guess I am hard on things – that is why quality goods and embracing patina is important.

Have a great weekend!



Spring Druzy Quartz Rings

The ever popular hitchcock Madrona Druzy Quartz Ring has just arrived in spring colors!  They are so beautiful – like candy!  Come in and get the pick of the litter.  Available in sizes 5 – 9.  Small (1″) and Large stones (1.5″).

– Erica

Scarab Necklace

Before a mummy was entombed in Ancient Egypt a scarab was placed on their neck to accompany them into the after life.  The scarab symbolizes your journey into your darkest places (scarabs live in dung) only to emerge stronger.  These concepts were so inspiring to us that we created the hitchcock Madrona Scarab Pendant.  It is made from a 2,500 year old scarab imported from Egypt.  Available in 18K gold or silver (bright or oxidized) with diamonds, rubies and sapphires.  Each necklace is unique and handmade.  We have turquoise, carnelian and lapis scarabs in two different sizes.  Prices range from $795 – $1550.

Pictured: Large Turquoise Scarab in 18K Gold with Rubies (hitchcock Madrona), Layers of Vintage Brass Necklace (Xenia Mara), Amethyst Bullet (Unearthen).


hitchcock Madrona ID Bracelet

We are happy to finally release a hitchcock original design that we have been working on for almost a year!  The hitchcock Madrona ID Bracelet was inspired by a 1960’s men’s ID bracelet that Dustin discovered on one of his buying trips through the American West.  It can be worn by men and women – it is solid sterling silver.  The length is customized for the wearer and you can leave it bright silver or oxidize it (as pictured).  It looks so amazing layered with other hitchcock bracelets.  Dustin is wearing it with his Copper & Leather Bracelet (hitchcock Jewelry) and his Petrus Bracelet (Knight&Hammer).  It retails for $480.

– Erica

Layers of bracelets