Photo Shoot: Military Style


Kate is modeling Barbour’s Falcon Coat, which is part of their Heritage Fashion collection. The Heritage collection re-imagines and updates classic Barbour styles by putting a modern twist on iconic looks. It features details derived from Barbour’s International Jacket (which we blogged about previously!) and is super cute and practical.


Military-inspired fashion always comes back around in the fall and winter.  It is classic and versatile, the look is timeless.


The Falcon Coat is made of a cashmere wool blend (so soft!) and features a beautiful leather belt. It has an extremely flattering fit as is expertly tailored.


We also have a few of our hand knit accessories left!  Love the feel and dynamic color of the alpaca yarn we used.


Kate is also wearing a labradorite and sterling silver necklace by Shannon Koszyk in her pocket.  She is also wearing a few Hitchcock Madrona bangle cuffs and a sterling silver Pamela Love ring.


We still have a few sizes in the Falcon coat available!



Obsession: School Boy Blazers

Every woman should own a blazer. A blazer is the ideal piece of clothing to throw on in the morning to instantly pull together an outfit. One of the most easily wearable “menswear” items for women, blazers (along with sports coats) were initially reserved for sportsmen and were especially popular in Britain. During the 1920s, many men were searching for clothing that was versatile and could be dressed up or down (and that was also significantly less formal than a suit), and so they adopted the blazer and revolutionized its look. The blazer took a little longer to catch on with women; Coco Chanel designed a version in the 1920s but it wasn’t until the 1930s that blazers became staples in women’s wardrobes.


Regular readers of the Hitchcock Madrona Blog probably know that we love menswear. Fittingly, we’ve created our own version of this iconic coat. Hitchcock Madrona blazers are entirely made of wool and they all feature Italian buttons and vintage fabric for the trim. Ours is a little bit longer than the traditional blazer and is perhaps a little closer in feel to a sports coat. This practical, warm and stylish coat comes in an array of colors and is sure to be a favorite of yours for years to come.

IMG_3023Our school boy blazer is available in red, pea green, navy, maroon, and forest green. Above they are paired with our cashmere scarves – perfect combo!

IMG_3047Some of our blazers have natural horn toggles (shown above); others have more traditional horn buttons with metal crests.



We are open today, December 28th!



EVENT: TODAY Fall Launch Party 5:00-7:30pm

Just in time for the season’s change, so has Hitchcock Madrona.  Come see the boutique’s entirely new interior as we introduce our latest fall collections.

Barbour continues to keep our attention with their Barbour International line (think Steve McQueen on a motorcycle).  Several new styles have arrived this week!  Below I am wearing the National Trials Jacket and new grey pearl necklace by Shannon Koszyk.  Along with a huge selection of Shannon’s jewelry, we have new items from Winifred Grace and Karazi Design.  This is our first collection from Karazi Design and we love it’s edgy elegant vibe.

Do you like MY new jacket?!  I’m obsessed.

Grey pearl and medallion necklace (worn doubled) by Shannon Koszyk.

Our own private label is expanded upon with schoolboy blazers, vintage-fit wool cardigans, tuxedo waistcoats in cashmere/wool, and our ever popular cashmere scarves in new checks and plaids.

Come see all that’s new, enjoy a glass of champagne, and toast the new season at Hitchcock Madrona’s Fall Launch Party.

Hitchcock Madrona Team

Just In: MORE Barbour Coats!

A company steeped in a rich history, Barbour was founded over one hundred years ago. In 1894, John Barbour opened his store “J. Barbour and Sons Ltd.” and since its beginnings the brand has very much been a family enterprise. Maintaining a distinctively British feel, Barbour has expanded its line to include coats, sweaters, tees, jeans, and other items for men, women, and children. However, despite its expansion, Barbour remains true to its origins and to the line’s staples that have established it as a favorite brand amongst the fashion-conscious the world over.
One of Barbour’s most iconic pieces is its version of the motorcycle jacket. Barbour has designed motorcycle jackets since 1934. This began as something of a personal endeavor, as Duncan Barbour was an avid motorcyclist. From 1936 to 1977, almost every British International team of racers sported these coats. The Barbour International coat, perhaps the company’s most famous manifestation of the motorcycle jacket, has been donned by competitive racers from the 1950’s onwards. It was the actor and motorcycle rider Steve McQueen who made the Barbour International famous; he wore it in 1964 when competing as a part of Team U.S.A. in the International Six Day Trial. He continued to wear it and by doing so cemented its status as an iconic and timeless wardrobe staple.
The Barbour International jacket continues to remain relevant today, and has been reinvented for women. This line, carried at Hitchcock Madrona, stays true to the feel of the original Barbour International, but has been tailored to better fit a woman’s shape. We have these gorgeous jackets in an array of colors, and they are an ideal blend of masculine-feminine. A perfect gift for the holidays!

We received our second shipment of Barbour coats!  If you missed out on your size come visit.  We have deeper stock and new styles!

This is a new style for us – the “Outlaw” Jacket.

Winter is approaching!  I have the double (faux) fur going on today.

Our best seller, the Rainbow International Jacket is waterproof and washable.  How very Seattle!?

Do you like my DIY jeans?  I was feeling very punk (as “punk” as a 34 year old mother can be!) and painted these last night.



Just in: Barbour Coats, Boots and Bags

For the first time ever (officially) we have ready-to-wear! Clothing at Hitchcock Madrona?! I know, it is different for us but we couldn’t resist these coats while placing our fall order with Barbour. We were very deliberate and hand-picked just a few styles that we love, are not carried in Seattle, and marry the heritage of the brand with fashion. More will be coming in throughout the season but we have four styles in store now.

Above I am wearing the Falcon Coat in black.  We also have this style in olive. This is a long (just below the knee) wool with cashmere military-inspired coat. The best part is the amazing, high quality leather belt. I love that Barbour didn’t skimp on the weight or details of the belt.

Barbour Rainbow International nylon coat. Barbour International is the motorcycle racing division of Barbour of England.  These jackets were made famous by Steve McQueen in the 1960’s. We have two styles from Barbour International and I love how they are very subtly motorcycle-esque. In fact, most people don’t realize it is influenced by a motorcycle jacket. Which means you won’t feel like someone you are not getting out of your wagon to go to the grocery store!

We have black, red and green Barbour boots in the knee high style and black in the short (mid-calf) style.

Blanket Bag by Barbour.

Barbour is a brand that, in my opinion, is wearable for women of every age. The garments are so well made! The fabrics and details are practical (not just fashion). Especially for the weather in Seattle. They are built to be worn!

Come visit and try them on!



Temporary Closure: Sept. 24th – Oct. 2nd

It is that time of year again! Hitchcock Madrona is being transformed…

We will be closed through October 2nd for our annual concept installation. Although we are closed and I am on vacation (whoot! whoot!) I do have access to email. Please direct inquires during our metamorphosis to We will resume regular business hours on Wednesday, October 3rd.

hitchcock Madrona Store Hours:
Wednesday – Saturday 10 – 6

Sunday 10 – 5

Dustin is busy (to say the least) designing and installing our 2012-2013 store concept. After the new interiors are installed I will do a post on Dustin’s 10 day inspirational road trip collecting and concepting. But for now – top secret! We have enjoyed our “Madhatter Tea Party” interiors but are excited for a change. We will be having an event in late October to celebrate our transformation and usher us into the holiday season (already!). Please email me if you would like an invite or are currently not on the mailing list.

Not only are the interiors changing but we are also releasing all of our fall product. We are excited to introduce an outerwear collection from Barbour International, as well as new wool and leather bags. We will be gearing up for Seattle’s inevitable weather change with our private label cashmere scarves and ready-to-wear pieces. Lots of exciting things happening!

I leave you with a few photos of what the store used to look like. Come visit next week for a BIG change!