Hitchcock Madrona: Gifts Under $150

Knowing how hard it can be finding gifts that are meaningful and also budget friendly, we’ve decided to feature some of our favorite accessories and pieces of jewelry under $150.00. If you’re still doing your Christmas shopping and are looking for items that are fun but still sophisticated, definitely stop by; we have fantastic presents for all of the stylish men and women on your list this year!


The ever popular Hitchcock Madrona bangle cuffs available in sterling silver, rose and yellow gold


Barbour rain boots


Simple stone drop earrings.  We have many incarnations of this design in various stones and metals.


Winifred Grace dove necklace


Barbour wool scarf


Hitchcock Madrona gold disc earrings


Pantherella cotton socks


Hitchcock Madrona loops earrings (gold or silver) and Xenia Mara earrings (various styles available)

These are just a sampling of the many great gifts we have in stock right now! We are open everyday between now and Christmas Eve.

Concept: A Study on Patina

pat·i·na – noun:

1.  a film or incrustation, usually green, produced by oxidation on the surface of old bronze and often esteemed as being of ornamental value.
2.  a similar film or coloring appearing gradually on some other substance.
3.  a surface calcification of implements, usually indicating great age.

As the definition above suggests, patina is a tarnish that occurs through oxidation, weathering, age, or the wear-and-tear of an item as a result of deep love and constant use. It is perhaps most easily recognizable when it occurs on metals like bronze and silver. The process resulting in a patina can happen organically over time (think Greco-Roman bronzes or the Statue of Liberty) or through intentional distressing. Not limited to metals, patinas can manifest on leather, wood, or even buildings like this amazingly weathered wall in Anacortes.

At hitchcock Madrona, we believe in embracing the “imperfections” that can be found on pieces of jewelry. These so-called “flaws” have an unusual beauty all their own, and contribute to an item’s uniqueness. Patinas indicate a special quality that signals to the deeply personal connection that exists between the object and its wearer. They reflect where these objects have been, how they have been worn, and the ways that they continue to be vibrant elements of a wardrobe as they morph and change over time. The boots, bag, and jewelry shown below are all testaments to this ever-evolving process.

I noticed that when I photographed my sterling silver jewelry and turned the photo black and white you could really see the color and texture variation – patina!

Hammered yellow and rose gold filled bangle cuffs (the hammering is a man-made patina) and sterling silver men’s id bracelet by Hitchcock Madrona.

Sterling silver monogram shield necklace by Hitchcock Madrona.

Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag (smaller size).  These bags are made from Italian leather and Japanese canvas.

I have had my Seventy Eight Percent laptop bag for about 3 weeks so I have only noticed the upper right hand corner getting broken-in.  I can’t wait until this bag is rich and dark!

Check out my Frye boots – I have had these for a little more than six months.  Dustin just told me that if he wants something broken-in he would just give it to me to wear for a few weeks!  I guess I am hard on things – that is why quality goods and embracing patina is important.

Have a great weekend!



Travel: Santa Barbara Sept. 2012

While Dustin was busy (I mean BUSY) on the physical installation of the current interiors, I went away with my family to the beaches and always perfect weather of Santa Barbara.  Ever since I had my baby two years ago, Dustin has been the anchor of the boutique’s physical transformation.  No longer are we alone painting until 4:00 am only to be back at work for the day at 10:00 am.  This is partly a function of our growth (we can hire it out now) and the fact that I’m a mom and family time is sacred.  Needless to say Dustin, Hitchcock Madrona’s co-owner and my cousin extraordinaire, was working ’round the clock for a solid week.  Dustin managed a cast of painters, carpenters, videographers (yes, we filmed it!), and electricians who worked to bring our current concept to life.  I am working on the blog post tracking Dustin’s inspirational road trip, as well as the new concept.

For now, here are some images of me off duty.  Why is this interesting blog fodder?  I thought it might be a good time to talk about the concept of “second skin jewelry”.  This is a term I came up with to describe jewelry that you can live in comfortably.  It stays on your body and becomes a part of you, like a second skin.  A classic example would be the Cartier love bracelet.  People wear those (they don’t come off easily) for years and years – remarkably, even decades.  I love that concept!

Butterfly Beach.  Men’s Gap shirt bought on sale and white shorts purchased at a consignment store.

Me and my baby!

We visited Underwood Family Farm in Somis, CA to play in the sandbox, feed some animals, and stock up on fresh food for our week.  As you can see, I relied on my vintage red polka-dot bandana for easy mornings.  Do I look authentic?  Fooled you – I’m actually a city-girl-farm-poser.  I am wearing a Target t-shirt and Double RL jeans (aka paid a lot of money for those holes!).


You can classify a piece as “second skin” jewelry if it fits one or more of these requirements.  Can you 1) sleep with it on? 2) swiftly pass an airport metal detector? 3) shower, bathe or swim with it on? 4) wear it to the gym?  All of these requirements can be met if the piece of jewelry is stylistically small and unobtrusive.  It also needs to be made from genuine materials, such as gold, sterling silver, and precious stones.  Precious stones usually rate high on the hardness scale and are quite tough.

Above are my second skin necklaces: Gold #2 by Code Lulu Frost (you can hardly see it in this photo) and gold, diamond and sterling silver heart by Hitchcock Madrona (see detail below).

Yellow gold filled bangle cuffs by hitchcock Madrona.  Literally, I have not taken these off for months.  We are sold out of the first shipment but more are on the way!  Sterling silver, rose and yellow gold filled available.

Delicate 18K gold ring by hitchcock Madrona (middle finger).  I am also wearing my faux diamond wedding ring I like to take traveling.

A new version of my heart necklace (from first NYC post) – I added a little diamond on the top left corner (when right-side-up) to symbolize the position of your heart.

Goats in the sky!  It was amazing how the goats negotiate the 15 foot high ramps crisscrossing the farmyard.



Outfit of the Day: Gingham and Neon

We are enjoying the (what feels like) extended summer here in Seattle. It did not rain one day in August – miracle. Today it is about 75 and perfect! I am sporting my beloved gingham shirt and green jeans. I threw in the neon belt to give it some pop.

Necklaces: “Coco Channel Goes to Africa” pearl and African bead double strand necklace by Hitchcock Madrona. Turquoise and rhinestone necklace by Surplus.

I love this shot of my desk after I striped everything off to go home. Jewelry carnage!

Detail shot of my small white and sterling druzy ring. I just spoke to a woman today that wore this ring (with the gold setting) for her July wedding. I love fearless brides!

Sorry about my recent lack of blogging. We are back from New York and I am caught up on everything (for the most part).