Outfit of the Day: Men’s Shoes

These aren’t actually men’s shoes (my feet are not that big), but they are MADE like men’s shoes.  I purchased these in Orvieto, Italy on holiday with my family in June.  These are handmade in Italy with substantial materials and detailed finish work.  It struck me – women’s shoes are NOT made with substance.  I could feel the difference just by picking up one shoe.  I was sold.

Earrings: Sterling silver, brass and waxed linen earrings by Winifred Grace.

Rings: (left to right) 1) Sterling Silver monogram signet ring by hitchcock Madrona. 2) Indian head penny (1905) and sterling silver ring by Shannon Koszyk. 3) Steel “Ace” ring (personal).

I am off this weekend for Casey’s family reunion tomorrow.  Dustin will be in the store Saturday.  Then D and I are off to Edmonton, Canada for an inspirational trip.  Kate is back in the store on Sunday.  Yeah!



Outfit of the Day: Industrial Grey

I am so inspired by the pairing of soft and hard, feminine and masculine, industrial and vintage.  It seems like every outfit/post I create inherently has those stylistic contradictions.  Today we shot photos near the construction site on 34th.  I am very excited to see what the new retail/residential buildings will look like.  The materials of iron, concrete and (quite frankly) dirt were a perfect backdrop for my outfit’s shades of grey and brown.

Necklaces from top to bottom:  1) Shell, brass and wood bead choker by Winifred Grace.  2) Gold plated and sterling silver cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  3) Sterling silver, brass and shell necklace by Winifred Grace.

I am quite obsessed with this Illamasqua nail varnish (English brand, so it is “varnish”) in Nomad.  LOVE.

Bracelets: 1) Sterling silver men’s ID bracelet by hitchcock Madrona. 2, 3) Personal. 4) Leather and metal “Ace” bracelet by Surplus.

Harriet, the talented designer of the jewelry line Surplus, brought in this leather and metal “Ace” bracelet.  I just assumed that she had custom made it for me (Ace is my son’s name btw).  She actually made the bracelet without knowing my son’s name!  Eerie coincidence.   I wear it constantly and could never part with it.  She also made, upon our request, several blank bracelets that we can customize.  I highly recommend this bracelet – I love everything about mine!  They are all one-of-a-kind and made from recycled leather, which is worn to perfection.

I love this shot of the gold gilded cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  He is a fancy gutter dweller!



*All prices are available by request.  Quantities are limited.

Inspiration: Bracelets and Nails

I have been playing with a lot of bracelet combos inspired by my ever changing nail polish colors.  I hope this inspires some daring spring accessorizing. 🙂

Rose Quartz, Copper and Bubble Gum….

Here is a closer look at my little friend.  His eyes are this amazing pink/lavender color.  Gold Plated Skull Ring w Crystal Eyes, Michael Spirito $98

Mint Green, Gold and Black….



Just In: Winifred Grace

We have a super fun new collection from Winifred Grace, I am absolutely loving her use of denim… check it out:

Winifred Grace, Leather Cuff with Phono Beads, $182

Winifred Grace, Cast Bronze and Bass Nuggets Necklace, $355

Winifred Grace, Bronze bar and White Leather Bracelet, $235

Winifred Grace, Bronze Bars on Natural Leather Cord, $235

Winifred Grace, Braided Denim with Ostrich Egg Shell Heshi Necklace, $105

This braided denim piece works great as a wrap bracelet too 🙂

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!

Bisou, bisou,





Just in: Winifred Grace

How perfect is this woven denim bracelet for spring/summer? With a white tee, I mean come on! Too good.

Winifred Grace, Denim & Leather Bracelet, $235

Bisou, bisou,


What I am wearing today….

Lapis “Eye” Pendant, Maria Carter (sterling silver and 14K gold fill) $235

Lapis Layers Necklace, Maria Carter $265

Bronze Tribal Charm Necklace with Sterling Chain, Winifred Grace $185

Loving the lapis today!  Enjoy the sunshine Seattle – my door is open for the first time this year.



What I am wearing today….Valentine’s Day

Cashmere Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $195 (love this color!)

Large Quartz, Pyrite and String Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $285

Gold Leather Ladies “Nolex”, Natalia Brilli $250

Stone, Silver and Brass Bracelet, Winifred Grace $120 (this layers with everything)

I love the color combination of navy (my sweater), fuchsia (scarf) and taupe (bracelets and necklace).  It is so rich but fun at the same time.

Look what arrived today…..

Thank you to my wonderful husband Casey.  These roses are so beautiful!  They smell so wonderful.  I am the luckiest girl in the world!  Happy Valentines Day Casey!

p.s. Flowers are by Nisha at Fleurish.  She is the most talented florist I have ever seen.  Love her!