Who’s the lucky lady?

This Rutilated Quartz Necklace is one of my favorite pieces in the store right now.  This amazing piece needs a good home.  I love to think about the pieces of jewelry that we create and how they go home with people and live with them – instead of living in the store where I look after them.  🙂  I ask: “Who is the lucky lady?”

What I am wearing…

Rutilated Quartz Knotted on Silk with Sterling Silver Chain, hitchcock Madrona $875

Bronze “Gemstone” and Silver Ring, Iosselliani $195

14K White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band 1/3 carat (G/H Quality), hitchcocck Madrona $795

14K Yellow Gold Delicate Rings, hitchcock Madrona $135 (worn on middle and ring finger)

I know that it seems kind of over dramatic but jewelry is one of the rare items that we own but never really own.  Precious metals, such as, gold and sterling silver and gemstones will be on the planet long after we are gone.  I am my jewelry’s temporary keeper until the next generation can enjoy them.  Even costume jewelry pieces are heirlooms – it doesn’t have to be fine.

This is one of the most beautiful strands of rutilated quartz I have ever seen.  You can tell the quality is superior because the quartz is clear and the rutiles are defined and sharp.  The stones facets are cut even and beautifully and each stone is approximately the same size, which is very unique.

Here is a closer look –

Do you have a piece of jewelry that will be here when you are gone?  Do you think about where it will go to be safe and enjoyed?



Who is the lucky lady?


I am obsessed with this necklace.  Harriet, from Surplus, just “gets it”!  All of her pieces have that perfect balance between old/new, pretty/ugly (you know what I mean!), masculine/feminine.  It is the perfect length and colors – warm and cool tones.  Amazing with fall’s chunky knits and leather everything.  We are not 100% sure what it is exactly but I call it a “livestock tag”.  The mystery is the best part.  Who is going to score this one?!

Do you like my tricky camera angle?!

Surplus “Livestock” Steel and Brass Tag, Smokey Crystal Knotted $325



Who’s The Lucky Lady!?

Amazing new one-of-a-kind necklace by Xenia Mara! Who is going to be the lucky lady that snaps up this beauty?!

Xenia Mara, Smokey Topaz & Vintage Glass Calla Lillies & Vintage Asian Charms, $340

Bisou, bisou,