Outfit of the Day: Tribal Wildnerness

I was wearing this necklace combination last Saturday in the store and everyone that walked in had a comment!  I know, I am wearing lot of jewels!  It is my job, right?  I wouldn’t recommend this for a non-blogging day.  It might be TOO MUCH!  Would you wear this bedazzled combo?

I am representing the “hi/low” trend by wearing my $6 craft fair beaded bracelet with Xenia’s pyrite layers (details below).  Summer is when I bring out the tribal elements in my wardrobe.  I believe fall is reserved for wool and sophistication.  Que the Hitchcock leading ladies!

Necklaces (top to bottom): 1) Lapis and gold fill by Maria Carter.  2) Lapis (look at that AMAZING stone!) and brass eye pins by Xenia Mara.  3) Sterling silver and brass breast plate by Pamela Love.

Twisted pyrite and vintage brass bracelet by Xenia Mara.  I can’t stop wearing this!  It is the perfect layering bracelet.



Obsession: Pastels and Metallics

One of my favorite color combinations at the moment – lavender and gold.  I am so into pastels this spring/summer – they look amazing on nails, as pants and even in jewelry!  Of course, the natural pairings with these pinky/lavender/minty tones is gold and/or brass metallic.  I think it possesses that hard/soft combination that I love so much.  Pastels also look amazing with black, a color combo that I am dying to experiment with this summer.  I will report back!

My first combo:

Earrings: Aqua Aura Crystal Earrings, Regina Chang

Necklaces: Pink Amythyst Bullet Necklace, Unearthen, Pink Tourmaline “Twinkler” Strand, hitchock Madrona (worn doubled)
































I couldn’t NOT wear this necklace!  It is absolutely perfect for this silky shirt and blazer combo.  This outfit also needed some warming up, which is where the heavy dose of metallic comes in – perfection.

Earrings: Extra Long Moonstone (been loving moonstone lately) Earrings, Xenia Mara (A BRIDE NEEDS THESE, HELLO!)

Necklace: Bronze “Goddess” Layers with White Druzy Slices, Xenia Mara


























For my last combo, I went with this show-stopping Lulu Frost Bib Necklace.  The colors are so beautiful.  It has rose quartz accents with bronze leaf-like shapes and rhinestones.

Earrings: Bronze (w/ gold wash) and Rose Quartz Earrings, Lulu Frost $120

Necklace: Bronze, Rose Quartz, and Rhinestone Necklace $480















This is a piece that I can see being worn with a white t-shirt as easily as a formal dress/wedding dress.  Can you imagine wearing this with tattered old jean shorts and a white t-shirt?!  Beyond cool.














I went with the matching earrings, which is quite a controversial pick (for those people that care about these things, which is probably nobody besides me.)  BUT, I am digging the matchy-matchy thing right now.  It is weird and a phase I am sure, but I love it!



Bracelets: Cotton Rope Bracelet (prototype), Sterling Silver Large Link Bracelet hitchcock Madrona, Gold “Dots” Bracelet hitchcock Madrona

Rings: White Gold and Diamond Eternity Ring hitchcock Madrona, Sterling Silver Cross Ring Pamela Love

BTW I love the shape of this silk (or rayon!) tank top.  I am not sure if it is designed to be longer in the back or if it is because I got it a size too big.  Regardless, it is a unique cut.



OOTD: Muted and Bright

I stole this scarf from the display and loved the muted almost washed out colors on my top half with the bright coral pants on my bottom half.  I know it seems like I am wearing to many layers for June but never fear – the jacket came off around 1:00 pm.

hitchcock Madrona Scarf, $75

These moonstone drops (on 14K gold ear wire) keep in line with the milky/faded/sun bleached tones of my shirt, jacket and scarf.

On my right hand I am wearing a new design for us – wood, sterling silver and semi-precious stone rings that we designed for our spring/summer collection ($289).  I am wearing the rutilated quartz version.  I absolutely love wood jewelry and accessories in the summer.  I will do another post featuring these rings soon.

Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $555 (right wrist)

Sterling Silver and Cotton Woven Bracelets, hitchcock Madrona $22 (these are new too!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



OOTD: Pioneer Chic

I am debuting my new Double RL skirt that came in the mail yesterday.  Dustin and I went to the opening party for the new Double RL store in Soho (sounds fancier than it really was – we happened to be shopping that day and had a blast with the staff so they invited us).  I saw a similar skirt on a lovely saleswoman.  Her name is Merry (how cute is that?) and she was so wonderful to work with when we were there shopping (actually, drooling).  I emailed her a few weeks ago asking if she was ready to sell her skirt (I’m a stalker!).  She said “not yet” (understandably) but showed me this one.  Love at first sight!

Here I am pretending to work….

Double RL denim skirt worn with a vintage flannel shirt and Swedish Hasbeen Clogs.

A closer look at the jewels….

Diamond “Dot” Necklace, hitchcock Madrona (everyone needs this necklace – it is the perfect tiny layering necklace.  Love.) $595

Sterling Silver Vintage Locket, $275

Arrowhead Necklace, Pamela Love $325

What can I say about this picture?

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!




What I am wearing today…layers and layers and layers

I am layered up today!  You would probably not wear all of this at once but I wanted to show that you can layer everything – necklaces (yeah, we know), bracelets and even rings!

First, bracelets:

Brown Leather and Copper Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $455

Rose Gold Vintage Watch with Quartz Pyramid, Unearthen $485

On to necklaces:

Vintage Pearl “Mix” Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $275

Vintage Chain, Pearl, Silk and “E” Necklace, Lulu Frost $355

*lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur #19 (one of my favorite lipsticks of ALL TIME)

Lastly, the rings –

Index – 14k White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band, hitchcock Madrona $795

Middle – Bronze Stud and Crystal Ring w/ Sterling Silver Setting, IOSSELLIANI $225 and Delicate 14K Gold Band, hitchcock Madrona $135

Ring – TWO Delicate 14K Gold Bands, hitchcock Madrona $135 each

I feel a bit bedazzled today but I figured I needed something with this boring white t-shirt (and my “Hugh Hefner Chic” pajama-like pants!).




Just in: New Unearthen

I am totally coveting these new pieces we just unpacked from Unearthen.  They will be so amazing layered with her iconic bullet necklaces (which we got a fresh batch of too).

Pyrite and Sterling Silver Tree Spike Necklace, Unearthen $320

Large Citrine and 14K Gold Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $395

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bullet, Unearthen $325

Lepidolite and Copper Tree Spike Necklace, Unearthen $320

On hand:

Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $250 (ring)

Delicate 14K Gold Band, hitchcock Madrona $135 (middle)

14K White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band, hitchcock Madrona $795 (index)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and sunny day!



OOTD: Erica and Dustin (kind of)

Okay, yes it is May and I am wearing my J. Press “Shaggy Dog” Sweater.  Depressing.  Also, sporting my old blown out Gap jeans and men’s Gap checked shirt,  Shoes = Nine West platform loafers – I always reach for these in the morning.  Perfect balance between feminine and masculine.

Jewelry: Bronze and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $455, Vintage Sterling Large Link Bracelet, $375

Look what Dustin is wearing –

We did not plan this!  Weird.