Just In: Holiday Gifts!

‘Tis the season here at hitchcock, we are in full holiday mode. Aside from tons of gorgeous new jewelry we have several other exciting gift options for everyone on your list, including you!


You may have heard that we are carrying Etro fragrance and Seventy Eight Percent bags, but there’s more! Take a peak:

hitchcock Madrona, cashmere socks, $72/pair

We are now carrying scrumptious 100% cashmere socks, in my mind the ultimate luxurious must have for winter…

hitchcock Madrona, silk pouchettes, $79

We also have gorgeous silk pouchettes (tied around the Etro Fragrance boxes, Dustin is such a genius), the perfect pocket square for him or the perfect accessory for you (tie it around your neck, wrist, handbag).

hitchcock Madrona, knit hats, $75

And just in time for this chilly weather, we now have some knit-ware options in the store. We are carrying cozy hats, cowls, and long and short gloves, each piece has been knit by a local knitter and is 100% Alpaca from a local farm right on Vashon Island, too cool.

hitchcock Madrona, short knit gloves, $78, hitchcock Madrona, Large Gold Druzy Ring, $389, Eric Saeter, Gold Oyster Ring, $415

These short fingerless gloves (this IS hitchcock, we want you to be able to wear your rings!) are not Alpaca, they are made of vintage wool and are such a stunning color (we have a cowl too) of bluish grey.

hitchcock Madrona, knit cowl, $155, Eric Saeter, Silver Oyster Ring, $395, Virgins Saints and Angels, Purple Pearl Ring, $275

I love a cowl, so  many ways to wear and always bound to keep you cozy and cute. We will do a “ways-to-wear” post on cowls and pouchettes soon. Until then, stay warm!

Bisou, bisou,


Inspiration: Margot Tenenbaum

Halloween is coming right up, it is my all time favorite holiday  (dress up&candy…how could it not be?) so I am beyond excited! This year I’ve decided to be the oh so chic-ly tortured playwright Margot Tenenbaum of Wes Andersons The Royal Tenenbaums. 

She has fabulously quirky, sexy bohemian style: striped tennis dresses + a full length fur + loafers  + pink cotton gloves + a plastic barrette & an Hermes Birkin to top it all off! It’s a little crazy but I absolutely adore it and I thought I would share my costume with you all….

Seventy Eight Percent, Dimitri Medium Satchel, $475

I’m still on the hunt for pink cotton gloves, and if anyone has a Birkin they want to donate to a good cause,  I would be forever grateful… teasing.

BUT  I am thrilled to share with you the new line we are carrying at hitchcock, Seventy Eight Percent. Hand crafted Italian vegetable tanned leather and state of the art Japanese cotton canvas, these bags are gorgeous. We have several sizes and color options, and the bags have special pockets for all your tech gadgets, iphones, laptops, etc. Too cool!

Iosselliani Necklace, $350

Margot doesn’t wear much, if any, jewelry in the film but I had a little fun today dreaming up what she might wear. I like to think that she has an enormous jewelry collection, mostly made up of Tenenbaum family heirlooms and decadent gifts from doting suitors. I can definitely picture her in these fantastic Iosselliani and Virgins Saints & Angels pieces.

Virgins Saints & Angels Ring, $275

Have a happy Halloween!

Bisou, bisou,


Update! So busy….

Here at hitchcock Madrona we have been so busy and it is only October.  We remodeled the space – if you haven’t seen it you have to come by!  Did a design project for a great client and friend and have soooo much new jewelry.  I wanted to do a quick post and let everyone know that we are still alive (although Kate came down with the flu – get well soon!).  Here is a list of some of the new items we have in the store.  I will be doing posts on them individually – just wanted to give a quick, concise update.  Hope everyone is staying warm – welcome rain, you are here to stay!

New Lines: Virgins Saints and Angels, Gypsy (from Turkey), Seventy Eight Percent (our new handbag/laptop bag line – so good!), hitchcock Madrona Knit-wear (knit by local artist using local, natural, non-dyed Alpaca) plus wool bangle bracelets (hot!, literally),

New Shipments: We got our newest shipment of Pamela Love (finally!) and it is off the charts.  The Navajo breastplates are amazing.  Pamela constantly turns out unique, wearable, and sexy pieces.  Also, 8 new necklaces from Surplus the always creative, industrial Seattle line.  Xenia Mara also dropped by 6 new diamond necklaces that are new designs (along with the ever popular full strand – yes please!).

I will show you everything in time!  But, please come visit – we have a huge selection in the shop right now.  I’ll leave you with a photo of me with piles on from yesterday.

Xenia Mara Gold and Turquoise Layers (hidden) $340, hitchcock Madrona African Beads and Czech Glass Layers $320, Pamela Love Brass Spike Ring Necklace $225.



We’re Back!

We are back… with a whole lot of new look & new jewelery!

Virgins Saints & Angels, Antigua Collection ring, $273

Yes, that’s me just having a little tea party, you all have got to stop by and check out the new hitchcock, it is beyond charming.

Here is a closer look at the necklace…

Virgins Saints & Angels, Hamsa Necklace, $245

There are a whole bunch of other fabulous Virgins Saints & Angels necklaces, rings, and earrings in the store, swing by and take a look…

Bisou, bisou,