Just In: Unearthen

We recently received a new shipment of jewelry from Unearthen. One of the most distinctive lines we carry here at Hitchcock Madrona, Unearthen was founded by Gia Bahm. She creates necklaces, rings, and bracelets that prominently feature crystals. Each of the crystals she chooses for her designs have specific properties that are meant to promote certain health benefits for their wearers. Additionally, it is Bahm’s intent when designing that the crystal she uses should appeal uniquely to its wearer, and that there should be an inherent property in the crystal which attracts its eventual owner. The pieces we currently have in stock are all quartz crystal, which is purported to have general healing properties and is thought to be a powerful stone.

These pieces are edgy, playful, and fun! The crystals are incorporated into designs that showcase their natural, organic shapes to the fullest. While they can be worn alone as statement pieces, Unearthen designs can be easily layered and many of necklaces would work really well as  “second skin jewelry” to be worn every day.



bullet necklace

Evening Wear

I broke out this green silky pajama shirt today for the first time.  I purchased this as part of a set (I can’t wait to wear the pants with a simple white tank top!) in India when we were there in January.  I think it is actually a men’s pajama set but not totally sure. Oh well!

Dustin is back from Hawaii (yeah!) so we had fun this morning accessorizing my bright green and yellow shirt with tons o’jewels!

Necklaces (top to bottom):

Woven Gold Lame and Base Metal Necklace, Venessa Arizaga

Peach Sunstone and Copper Layers Necklace, Xenia Mara (this is such a wardrobe staple!)

Polished Raw Citrine Chunks, hitchcock Madrona

Speaking of India!  While we were buying gemstones for our designs in India, Dustin and I came upon this amazing strand of Citrine.  We purchased it from a stone supplier that has very random but super high-quality stones.  When we visit we sit down and say, “only show us what YOU think is the most special and of the highest quality in your stock.”  He has an infectious passion for unique stones (the best of the best).  With excitement he proceeds to unveil countless jaw-dropping strands of gemstones.  If we could only buy them all!

This strand is special for a couple reasons: the quality of stone (over 1,000 carats! aka ridiculous), cut and perfect graduation, and clarity/extraordinary color.  We had to keep them together (of course) and make one fabulous necklace.  It is hand knotted with a sterling silver clasp.  Stunning!

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Cast Bullet Necklace, Unearthen

*Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona















Gift Ideas: Father’s Day, June 17th

Come visit for Father’s Day – we actually have a few good gift options for Dad.

Etro Fragrance.  Our picks for men: Ambra (warm, sexy Amber) and New Tradition (old school (ish) men’s fragrance).  $165 each.  Silk Pochette.  Made in Italy for the “Dapper Dad”.  🙂  $75 each

Italian Leather and Japanese Canvas Computer Briefcase, Seventy Eight Percent $625.  Leather and Steel Necklace, Surplus $195.  Bracelets: Leather Ball Chain, Natalia Brilli $125 (right hand), Men’s Id Bracelet $480 and Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff (small) $275, both hitchcock Madrona.

Computer and Ipad Sleeves, Seventy Eight Percent $225 and $205

Linen Scarf.  Made in Italy, hitchcock Madrona $135.  Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $230.  Vintage Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet $420.

If you can get your Dad to wear jewelry then get in here!  Bronze Spike Ring, Pamela Love $98 (right hand), Necklaces: Black Tourmaline Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $310, Brown Coral and Steel Necklace, Surplus $225.  Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275.

Barbour Umbrella $65.  This is a MUST for the Seattle Dad.  Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $75.

Inspiration: Bracelets and Nails

I have been playing with a lot of bracelet combos inspired by my ever changing nail polish colors.  I hope this inspires some daring spring accessorizing. 🙂

Rose Quartz, Copper and Bubble Gum….

Here is a closer look at my little friend.  His eyes are this amazing pink/lavender color.  Gold Plated Skull Ring w Crystal Eyes, Michael Spirito $98

Mint Green, Gold and Black….



Inspiration: W Magazine “Rock of Ages” Cover

I could not resist recreating the look that Tom Cruise is “rocking” on the May cover of W Magazine.  Pretty close, right?

Here is a closer look –


– Sterling Silver Rosary Dagger Necklace, Pamela Love $245

– Custom Monogram Necklace, hitchcock Madrona (price available by request – I will do a separate post on this)

– Pyrite and Sterling Silver Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $325

Bracelets (bottom to top):

– Woven and Crystal “Twisted Midnight” Bracelet, Venessa Arizaga $250 (also wearing her ring $95)

– Leather and Sterling Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275

– Rhodium Plated Studded Bangle bracelets, IOSSELLIANI $225 each (wearing two)



What I am wearing today…layers and layers and layers

I am layered up today!  You would probably not wear all of this at once but I wanted to show that you can layer everything – necklaces (yeah, we know), bracelets and even rings!

First, bracelets:

Brown Leather and Copper Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $455

Rose Gold Vintage Watch with Quartz Pyramid, Unearthen $485

On to necklaces:

Vintage Pearl “Mix” Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $275

Vintage Chain, Pearl, Silk and “E” Necklace, Lulu Frost $355

*lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur #19 (one of my favorite lipsticks of ALL TIME)

Lastly, the rings –

Index – 14k White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band, hitchcock Madrona $795

Middle – Bronze Stud and Crystal Ring w/ Sterling Silver Setting, IOSSELLIANI $225 and Delicate 14K Gold Band, hitchcock Madrona $135

Ring – TWO Delicate 14K Gold Bands, hitchcock Madrona $135 each

I feel a bit bedazzled today but I figured I needed something with this boring white t-shirt (and my “Hugh Hefner Chic” pajama-like pants!).




Just in: New Unearthen

I am totally coveting these new pieces we just unpacked from Unearthen.  They will be so amazing layered with her iconic bullet necklaces (which we got a fresh batch of too).

Pyrite and Sterling Silver Tree Spike Necklace, Unearthen $320

Large Citrine and 14K Gold Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $395

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bullet, Unearthen $325

Lepidolite and Copper Tree Spike Necklace, Unearthen $320

On hand:

Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $250 (ring)

Delicate 14K Gold Band, hitchcock Madrona $135 (middle)

14K White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band, hitchcock Madrona $795 (index)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful and sunny day!