What I’m Wearing Today…

I thought it was high-time I did an arm party post so here we go, these are my favorite arm party additions at the moment (starting at the top):  Toki Colleciton, Crocheted Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet, ($225), Iosselliani, Sterling Silver Bone Bracelet, ($202), Natalia Brilli, “Nolex” Leather Watch, ($350), Shannon Koszyk, Bronze Snake Vertebrae Braclet, ($378), and hitchcock Madrona, Sterling Silver & Leather Small Cuff, ($275).

I love having different textures (leather, chains, metals), different metals (sterling silver, bronze, oxidized sterling), and different shapes (thin beaded, large cuff) in my arm parties. And this party just happened to sort of have a theme: bones. Tough chic!


Bisou, bisou,



Just In: Surplus

The lovely Harriet McNamara visited me at hitchcock today, and you know what that means: amazing new goodies from Surplus! Check ’em out!

Toki Collection, Crocheted Oxidized Sterling Silver Necklace, $450
Surplus, Driftwood and Steel on Braided Leather Necklace, $140

Xenia Mara, Vintage Dark Copper Rope and Watch Chain Necklace, $335
Surplus, Crystal and Horsehair Necklace, $275

Xenia Mara, Raw Diamonds and Sterling Silver Necklace, $495
Toki Collection, Sterling Silver and 10K Gold Necklace, $300
Surplus, Victorian Rococo Fixture Necklace, $385

I am DYING over these latest Surplus pieces, I mean driftwood and horsehair and antique fixtures?! Does it get any more radical!? Beyond chic, love it!

Bisou, bisou,