Fall 2012 Launch Party 11.15

Windows: Vests and Scarves

We are so proud to introduce our most current passion project – vests!  Dustin and I designed these a few months ago and made six for the boutique.  They are inspired by a Victorian (circa 1913) Men’s Wool Vest I have in my collection.  We had them made in really fun colors.  The front is a light corduroy and the back panel is bright Madras fabric we sourced in India.  All have a cream satin lining and can be washed easily.  We are so excited that we could finally express ourselves through clothing.  They complement our new light weight cotton scarves made for us in Italy.

Corduroy and Madras Vests, hitchcock Madrona $145

Cotton Scarves, hitchcock Madrona $135

Dustin and I are happy to bring a little Double RL esthetic (Ralph Lauren’s vintage inspired line) to Madrona.  Can you tell we are fans?  Que the worn Levis and Carharts.



Windows: Pink and Yellow

Dustin painted these old display panels that we had in the warehouse (aka my basement) and they look great!  The pastel colors allude to spring’s approach (please APPROACH!) yet the merchandise still addresses more spring showers.  Very appropriate for the seasonal “transition” we seem to be experiencing in Seattle right now.   I love the color combinations that he has created, as well as, the breadth of products being featured.

Tall Classic Barbour Tartan Boots $160 (we have size 8 and 9 left!)

This is possibly my favorite piece from Pamela Love’s spring/summer 2012 collection (love the Arch bracelet too!).  This necklace looks like it should be called “Sun Dial Collar” but I just made that up.  It works, right?  Sterling Silver and Bronze Arch Necklace, Pamela Love $598

Let me know if you would like more information regarding any of the other items in the front window.



Windows: Grandma’s House

I am obsessed with the windows right now!  When I drove by the store on Monday morning I was so awe struck by the simple yet totally creative window display that Dustin created into the wee hours of Sunday morning.  They currently feature vintage inspired Lulu Frost necklaces on the left (perfect) and Barbour boots and bag on the right.  The architectural elements (we found the railing in the garbage) and vintage curtains remind me so much of our grandmother’s house in California.  She always wore bright, patterned, citrus colored house dresses and Rod Laver Adidas tennis shoes.  So cool.

Happy sunshine Madrona!



Just In: Holiday Gifts!

‘Tis the season here at hitchcock, we are in full holiday mode. Aside from tons of gorgeous new jewelry we have several other exciting gift options for everyone on your list, including you!


You may have heard that we are carrying Etro fragrance and Seventy Eight Percent bags, but there’s more! Take a peak:

hitchcock Madrona, cashmere socks, $72/pair

We are now carrying scrumptious 100% cashmere socks, in my mind the ultimate luxurious must have for winter…

hitchcock Madrona, silk pouchettes, $79

We also have gorgeous silk pouchettes (tied around the Etro Fragrance boxes, Dustin is such a genius), the perfect pocket square for him or the perfect accessory for you (tie it around your neck, wrist, handbag).

hitchcock Madrona, knit hats, $75

And just in time for this chilly weather, we now have some knit-ware options in the store. We are carrying cozy hats, cowls, and long and short gloves, each piece has been knit by a local knitter and is 100% Alpaca from a local farm right on Vashon Island, too cool.

hitchcock Madrona, short knit gloves, $78, hitchcock Madrona, Large Gold Druzy Ring, $389, Eric Saeter, Gold Oyster Ring, $415

These short fingerless gloves (this IS hitchcock, we want you to be able to wear your rings!) are not Alpaca, they are made of vintage wool and are such a stunning color (we have a cowl too) of bluish grey.

hitchcock Madrona, knit cowl, $155, Eric Saeter, Silver Oyster Ring, $395, Virgins Saints and Angels, Purple Pearl Ring, $275

I love a cowl, so  many ways to wear and always bound to keep you cozy and cute. We will do a “ways-to-wear” post on cowls and pouchettes soon. Until then, stay warm!

Bisou, bisou,


Dustin, my cousin – the genius!

So, I know that word gets thrown around a lot – “He’s a musical genius” or “This jacket is genius!”.  But, I am going to use it – and mean it!  Walked into the shop this morning and was overwhelmed by how beautiful everything looked!  Dustin spent the better part of yesterday reconfiguring the store, merchandising, and changing the windows.  I love when this happens – we get to see all of our favorite pieces re-imagined and grouped gorgeously!  I’m inspired today – to do what?  I’m not sure yet.  🙂  Here is a shot of the new arrangement store.  Enjoy!