Outfit of the Day…..NEON

I busted out the hot pink pants today.  For me, neon is still relevant.  I especially love pairing neon with sophisticated colors.  To wear neon successfully, especially for anyone over 25, balance the trendiness with timeless colors such as dove grey, beige, white (of course), charcoal grey and blush pink (that combo would be great!).  I chose to balance my neon (hello pants!) with my nude wedges and the slight vintage feel of this floral blouse.  I need to wear these pants before fall comes unless I devise a clever way to wear them in colder weather.  Boots?  I don’t think so – still thinking on that challenge.  Stay tuned.

Green onyx and pearl earrings by Regina Chang.

Necklaces: (top to bottom) 1) Raw green sapphire necklace by hitchcock Madrona. 2) Vintage brass chain (personal).  3) Vintage rhinestone brooch necklace by Thea Grant.  I love the play between the flowers on my blouse and the leaf/flower shapes of the brooch.  Layering similar shapes creates depth and dimension.

Druzy quartz ring with sterling silver setting by hitchcock Madrona.  Bracelets: 1) Woven thread and chain bracelet by Venessa Arizaga.  2) Sterling silver and leather cuff by hitchcock Madrona.


What I am wearing today….

Harriet surprised us this morning with a visit and this necklace has not left my neck since.  Her unique genius of combining found objects in unparalleled.  This necklace is so perfect for summer.

Antique African Glass Beads and Steel Necklace, Surplus $650

Gold and Lapis Bar Necklace (layered), Maria Carter $179

Turquoise Tooth Earrings, Regina Chang $75

Here is a closer look at the earrings and my hair.  It is brown (well, light brown) again – I had my blonde moment and now it is over.  🙂  I didn’t have more fun.



What I am wearing today…

The equally lovely and talented Xenia Mara stopped by hitchcock today to bring in her latest creation – a fabulous new variation on her ever popular Goddess multichain layering necklaces! Take a peak…

Xenia Mara, 1990’s Super Shiny Gold Figaro Multichain Goddess Necklace, $320

Maria Carter, Large Talisman Necklace, $148

Regina Chang, Small Druzy Cuff, $325

I happened to be wearing one of my favorite shirts (a burgundy chiffon button down)  … the perfect canvas to pile loads of  gold jewelry on. Don’t you just adore gold and burgundy together? I think it is one of the most brilliant color combos.

Xenia also brought one of these Gorgeous Figaro Goddess necklaces in silver, it is killer too!


Bisou, bisou,





What I am wearing today….

Xenia Mara Pyrite Earrings $135, Diamond Heart necklace that I got from a college boyfriend, Iosselianni Ram Necklace $215, Vintage Bracelet w/ 24K Gold plating $365, Iosselianni Stacking Rings $360ish

Regina Chang Crystal Skull and Leather Necklace $168

A closer look at the rings. BTW I am wearing a nude, floor length, python print dress with a plunging neckline today.  I am literally stopping traffic in Madrona today.  I told a group of gawkers “what? I am going to the Oscars after work!”. They didn’t believe me.