Gift Ideas: Father’s Day, June 17th

Come visit for Father’s Day – we actually have a few good gift options for Dad.

Etro Fragrance.  Our picks for men: Ambra (warm, sexy Amber) and New Tradition (old school (ish) men’s fragrance).  $165 each.  Silk Pochette.  Made in Italy for the “Dapper Dad”.  🙂  $75 each

Italian Leather and Japanese Canvas Computer Briefcase, Seventy Eight Percent $625.  Leather and Steel Necklace, Surplus $195.  Bracelets: Leather Ball Chain, Natalia Brilli $125 (right hand), Men’s Id Bracelet $480 and Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff (small) $275, both hitchcock Madrona.

Computer and Ipad Sleeves, Seventy Eight Percent $225 and $205

Linen Scarf.  Made in Italy, hitchcock Madrona $135.  Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $230.  Vintage Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet $420.

If you can get your Dad to wear jewelry then get in here!  Bronze Spike Ring, Pamela Love $98 (right hand), Necklaces: Black Tourmaline Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $310, Brown Coral and Steel Necklace, Surplus $225.  Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275.

Barbour Umbrella $65.  This is a MUST for the Seattle Dad.  Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $75.

Watches, Watches And More Watches

But, we don’t sell watches.  For some reason yesterday I was really into digging out all my watches and non-watches and wearing them all at once.  I love the black Natalia Brilli “Nolex” worn with an actual watch.  Somehow the actual watch gives it context and just makes more sense (this is just in my mind because it can totally be worn alone).  I go through phases (like I am sure most people do) when I can’t be bothered with wearing a watch (we all are glued to our phones, right?).  Other times (like today) I feel naked without one.  Wow – this is fascinating stuff, huh?  I just wanted to share my bracelets/watches because they are quite unique (if I do say so myself).

On my right wrist I am wearing an old broken watch that I bought at a junk shop for 25 cents and spray painted gold.  For some reason I just liked the shape and size of the watch.  Layered with – Sterling Silver Men’s ID Bracelet, hitchcock Madrona $480 (our timeless classic!)

On my left hand I am sporting my black leather “Nolex” (we have ONE left people!) with my beloved Men’s Swiss Army watch that I have had for over 6 years.  Black Leather “Nolex” Natalia Brilli $350 (also wearing delicate gold band and diamond eternity band both hitchcock Madrona)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Congrats all UW graduates!!



Jewelry Wardrobe Basics: Bracelets

Bracelets are having a moment right now.  The basic theory is the more bracelets the better.  I have even seen some trendsetters stack bracelets on both arms!  That is advanced layering, which I do not recommend unless you truly know what you are doing.  I have not rocked that look – I think I would go crazy in a few hours (who am I kidding?  A few moments!) at work.  I have noticed that most bracelets that are popular right now are of the trendy variety.  These friendship type bracelets are great, especially of summer and mix well with nicer investment pieces.  I do think there are a few categories of bracelets that are worth investing in, that you will wear over and over.  All of these are tried and true and were even popular with our mother’s generation (this means money well spent).

Starting closest to hand:

1.  The Men’s Watch: Since we don’t carry watches I am showing the Natalia Brilli Black Leather “Nolex” $350.  I love my LL Bean Men’s Watch with nylon band Dustin got my for Christmas and my silver Swiss Army men’s watch (I need to start wearing them!).

2.  & 4.  The Chunky Sterling Chain:  Sterling Silver Men’s Id Bracelet, hitchcock Madrona $480 and Large Link Vintage Sterling Silver Bracelet, $375.  I love the weight of men’s sterling silver bracelets.  I also like the size.  They are usually a bit bigger so you can layer them nicely.

3.  The Cuff:  Do I need to ramble on about this again?  If you are considering investing in one piece from this post – it should be this one.  Copper and Leather Cuff Bracelet, hitchcock Madrona $455.

5.  The Bangle Stack: When it comes to bangles you need three minimum.  As with any layering situation look for complimenting but different colors, shapes and widths.  Vintage Resin Bangles, hitchcock Madrona $45 each

We are doing more fun bracelets for spring!  Those will launch in a few days so I will keep you posted.



What I am wearing today…..

I can’t seem to finish my earring post so I will do a quick jewels of the day post.  I promise the earring post will come tomorrow (before I leave for a little vacation).  Sunshine needed and Santa Barbara here we come!  Kate and Dustin will be here this weekend to help and I will be back next Wednesday – the weather better have improved while I am gone.

Blue Leather Id Bracelet, Natalia Brilli $185

Sterling Silver Industrial Bracelet with Diamond Detail, hitchcock Madrona $885

Montana Agate and Sterling Silver Square Ring, hitchcock Madrona $289

Delicate Gold Rings (2 on ring finger), hitchcock Madrona $135 each

Have a great weekend!  I hope you get to spend it with family and friends!



What I am wearing today….Valentine’s Day

Cashmere Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $195 (love this color!)

Large Quartz, Pyrite and String Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $285

Gold Leather Ladies “Nolex”, Natalia Brilli $250

Stone, Silver and Brass Bracelet, Winifred Grace $120 (this layers with everything)

I love the color combination of navy (my sweater), fuchsia (scarf) and taupe (bracelets and necklace).  It is so rich but fun at the same time.

Look what arrived today…..

Thank you to my wonderful husband Casey.  These roses are so beautiful!  They smell so wonderful.  I am the luckiest girl in the world!  Happy Valentines Day Casey!

p.s. Flowers are by Nisha at Fleurish.  She is the most talented florist I have ever seen.  Love her!



What I’m Wearing Today…

I thought it was high-time I did an arm party post so here we go, these are my favorite arm party additions at the moment (starting at the top):  Toki Colleciton, Crocheted Oxidized Sterling Silver Chain Bracelet, ($225), Iosselliani, Sterling Silver Bone Bracelet, ($202), Natalia Brilli, “Nolex” Leather Watch, ($350), Shannon Koszyk, Bronze Snake Vertebrae Braclet, ($378), and hitchcock Madrona, Sterling Silver & Leather Small Cuff, ($275).

I love having different textures (leather, chains, metals), different metals (sterling silver, bronze, oxidized sterling), and different shapes (thin beaded, large cuff) in my arm parties. And this party just happened to sort of have a theme: bones. Tough chic!


Bisou, bisou,



What I’m Wearing Today…

I was really feeling silver today, I love how you can seriously load on the silver and still not look TOO gaudy. Minimalist I am not…

On my finger: Eric Saeter, Silver Oyster Ring, $395

On my neck: Knight & Hammer, Silver Skulls Necklace (doubled), $850

Pamela Love, Silver Day of The Dead Necklace, $125

Knight & Hammer, Fleur de Lis Necklace, $800

Natalia Brilli, Fringe Leather & Chain Necklace, $595

Bisou, bisou,