Obsession: Gemstone Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is a stone that has been prized by many cultures for thousands of years. Sites where lapis has been mined are as far ranging as Siberia, Afghanistan, the Andes, and Colorado and California in the U.S. Lapis, a semi-precious stone, has long been valued for its rich blue color and there is evidence that it was traded as long ago as the third millennium B.C.E. by cultures like the Indus Valley civilization in ancient India. The ancient Egyptians were especially fond of lapis lazuli and incorporated it into their jewelry (like their famous scarab pendants) and into their religious and ceremonial objects. Cleopatra used a powdered form of lapis lazuli as eye shadow. Later, painters regularly used it when they needed to feature a rich blue color in their paintings. You can still see lapis in its powdered form in art works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; for many centuries, it was regularly used as the color of the Madonna’s brilliantly blue robe.

Lapis lazuli still has a following today. Pamela Love and Maria Carter use it to maximum affect in their jewelry designs. At Hitchcock Madrona, we decided to showcase some of our favorite lapis lazuli pieces currently in stock. Lapis lazuli often has traces of pyrite (commonly known as “fool’s gold”) in it, and many of our favorite lapis pieces have a shimmering quality as a result.

lapislapislapisbluejemlapis ring

Outfit of the Day: Tribal Wildnerness

I was wearing this necklace combination last Saturday in the store and everyone that walked in had a comment!  I know, I am wearing lot of jewels!  It is my job, right?  I wouldn’t recommend this for a non-blogging day.  It might be TOO MUCH!  Would you wear this bedazzled combo?

I am representing the “hi/low” trend by wearing my $6 craft fair beaded bracelet with Xenia’s pyrite layers (details below).  Summer is when I bring out the tribal elements in my wardrobe.  I believe fall is reserved for wool and sophistication.  Que the Hitchcock leading ladies!

Necklaces (top to bottom): 1) Lapis and gold fill by Maria Carter.  2) Lapis (look at that AMAZING stone!) and brass eye pins by Xenia Mara.  3) Sterling silver and brass breast plate by Pamela Love.

Twisted pyrite and vintage brass bracelet by Xenia Mara.  I can’t stop wearing this!  It is the perfect layering bracelet.



What I am wearing today…

I tried to femme up my ensemble with some showstopping earrings.  These are made by Maria Carter – probably my favorite pair of earrings in the store.  I imagine someone wearing these with a huge straw hat, a bikini and cork wedges.  That would be perfect.  Or,  what I am wearing: men’s Oxford shirt (truly men’s not “boyfriend”), khaki pants (they are skinny – that is the only thing saving me today) and Celine platforms (the outfit needed a bit of street cred).  Why I am dressing on the wrong side of the Gap again?  Again meaning when I was in high school – give me a break, suburban jock girl in the 90’s.  In my defense, nobody looked particularly fetching (attractive) in Doc Martins, baggy jeans and flannel shirts.  I digress, I am also working on my jewelry wardrobe basics blog – earrings edition.  Earrings are on my mind this afternoon!

14K Gold Filled Wire, Lapis, Hematite and Gold Disk Earrings, Maria Carter $255

Hope everyone has a good weekend once they get there!



What I am wearing today….

Harriet surprised us this morning with a visit and this necklace has not left my neck since.  Her unique genius of combining found objects in unparalleled.  This necklace is so perfect for summer.

Antique African Glass Beads and Steel Necklace, Surplus $650

Gold and Lapis Bar Necklace (layered), Maria Carter $179

Turquoise Tooth Earrings, Regina Chang $75

Here is a closer look at the earrings and my hair.  It is brown (well, light brown) again – I had my blonde moment and now it is over.  🙂  I didn’t have more fun.



What I am wearing today….

Lapis “Eye” Pendant, Maria Carter (sterling silver and 14K gold fill) $235

Lapis Layers Necklace, Maria Carter $265

Bronze Tribal Charm Necklace with Sterling Chain, Winifred Grace $185

Loving the lapis today!  Enjoy the sunshine Seattle – my door is open for the first time this year.



What I am wearing today…Christmas Eve

Stone, Brass and Wax Linen and Wood Bead Necklace, Winifred Grace $200

Sterling Oxidized, Gold and Lapis Necklace, Maria Carter $145

Brass, Sterling Silver and Wax Linen Necklace, Winifred Grace $235 (sold mid-post to our LOYAL client Emily from San Fran.  We love you!)

Agate Arrowhead and Sterling Silver Ring, Pamela Love $625

Favorite current lipstick: NYX “Snow White”.  Love that name.  🙂




What I am wearing today…

The equally lovely and talented Xenia Mara stopped by hitchcock today to bring in her latest creation – a fabulous new variation on her ever popular Goddess multichain layering necklaces! Take a peak…

Xenia Mara, 1990’s Super Shiny Gold Figaro Multichain Goddess Necklace, $320

Maria Carter, Large Talisman Necklace, $148

Regina Chang, Small Druzy Cuff, $325

I happened to be wearing one of my favorite shirts (a burgundy chiffon button down)  … the perfect canvas to pile loads of  gold jewelry on. Don’t you just adore gold and burgundy together? I think it is one of the most brilliant color combos.

Xenia also brought one of these Gorgeous Figaro Goddess necklaces in silver, it is killer too!


Bisou, bisou,