Inspiration: Mixing Fine and Fashion Jewelry

Mixing jewelry

Wearing fine jewelry and fashion jewelry at the same time can be a challenge. You want to make a statement but not be too over-the-top (no one wants to look like a fashion victim), you want each piece to stand out and above all, you want to convey your personal style. Mixing and matching fine and fashion jewelry is a fun and youthful approach to accessorizing. But how do you make sure your beautiful, subtle heirloom diamond pendant that you wear all the time is not completely overshadowed by the fabulous and dramatic necklace you’re dying to show off? Hitchcock Madrona shows you how.

Step 1: Start out with the smaller, more delicate pieces. These pieces may include the jewelry that you sleep in, shower in, and keep on for months at a time. They will act as your base layer and most fine jewelry is of this variety. We took a photo of some of our favorite Loren Stewart rings that can serve as examples.

Loren Stewart

Step 2: Incorporate something special. Adding an heirloom necklace that has been passed down for generations in your family or that amazing bracelet you got on your travels lends a special element to your look that can’t be bought.

Step 3: Add fashion pieces slowly. Pause and really think about the effect that each piece of jewelry has on your overall look. Does it enhance and show off the more delicate pieces? The goal when mixing these two jewelry genres is that they build off of each other. Typically, you want to have on more fine jewelry than fashion jewelry.

Step 4: Think in terms of odd numbers when layering. Wearing two delicate necklaces and one larger dramatic necklace is a nice option. With rings, consider wearing one larger ring (may we suggest the Hitchcock Madrona druzy ring?!) and pairing it with two that are small and skinny.

Step 5: Mix metals and materials. You want the pieces you choose to be different and distinct from one another so that they don’t blend together. Wearing and mixing different colors, stones and metals together will help you achieve this effect.



We think these guidelines work well but none of the steps outlined above are hard-and-fast rules. Even though layering jewelry can be a little daunting it should always be fun first and foremost.

Jewelry Wardrobe Basics – Earrings

What do we need for our ears?  Looking at my picks for this post I think a good rule of thumb for earrings is “GO BIG OR GO STUD”.  Either earrings are the focal point, in which case you want a really fabulous, decorative pair (even in day!!!) or they are the finishing touch to your look.  Basically, just something to fill your ear holes and compliment the 57 necklaces that you have on your neck.  You may wonder, where are the diamond and pearl studs on this list??  Well, we strive to bring you what you DON’T have and what you HAVEN’T seen.  Sorry, I will stop screaming at you in this post.  Anyway, here are some earring categories that are basic yet still “hitchcock Madrona” (unique and unexpected).

1.  The Showstopper Earring

Vintage Tassel and Turquoise Earrings, Xenia Mara Designs, $165

2.  The Extra Large Hoop

Sterling Silver Hoop, Mineral by Lisa Kinoshita $130

3.  The Cool Stud

14K Gold Pyramid Stud Earring, Loren Stewart $399, 18K Gold Black Diamond Stud Earring, hitchcock Madrona $425

4.  The Simple Stone Drop

Faceted Quartz Crystal and Sterling Stone Drops, hitchcock Madrona $165

5.  The Tribal Earring

Wood, Onyx and Brass Earrings, Winifred Grace $169, Bronze Tribal Hoops, Pamela Love, $253

6.  The “Vintage” Earring

Brass and Rhinestone Earring, Lulu Frost $165



Just in: Loren Stewart

We have gorgeous new Loren Stewart! Lots of new pieces we’ve never had before – so delicate yet edgy, love!

Loren Stewart, Black Diamond Solitaire Rebel Ring, $375, Loren Stewart, 14k Gold Neolithic Arrowhead Ring with Diamond, $300 (stacked with my 14K Yellow Gold Delicate hitchcock Madrona ring – of course 😉 )

Top: Loren Stewart, Solitaire Diamond Bezel Set Ring, $190 Bottom: Loren Stewart, Yellow Gold Full Diamond “Skinni” Ring, $620, Loren Stewart, Rose Gold “Skinni” Ring, $400 Loren Steward, Yellow Gold 4 Black Diamond “Skinni” Ring, $500

On Pinky: 14K Yellow Gold Delicate hitchcock Madrona ring

Loren Stewart “Skinni” Rings

Loren Stewart, Solitaire Diamond Bezel Set Ring

Loren Stewart, 14k Gold Lightening Bolt Necklace, $500

Left to Right: Loren Stewart, Small Rose Gold Rods with Rubies, $225, Loren Stewart, Sterling Silver Disc Studs, $90, Loren Sewart, 14k Yellow Gold Neolithic Arrowhead Studs, $250, Loren Stewart, Small 14k Yellow Gold Rods with 3 Diamonds, $300

I’ve never been a huge fan of rose gold, but the use of it in these pieces has totally converted me – such pretty pieces!

Bisou, bisou,