Outfit of the Day: Industrial Grey

I am so inspired by the pairing of soft and hard, feminine and masculine, industrial and vintage.  It seems like every outfit/post I create inherently has those stylistic contradictions.  Today we shot photos near the construction site on 34th.  I am very excited to see what the new retail/residential buildings will look like.  The materials of iron, concrete and (quite frankly) dirt were a perfect backdrop for my outfit’s shades of grey and brown.

Necklaces from top to bottom:  1) Shell, brass and wood bead choker by Winifred Grace.  2) Gold plated and sterling silver cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  3) Sterling silver, brass and shell necklace by Winifred Grace.

I am quite obsessed with this Illamasqua nail varnish (English brand, so it is “varnish”) in Nomad.  LOVE.

Bracelets: 1) Sterling silver men’s ID bracelet by hitchcock Madrona. 2, 3) Personal. 4) Leather and metal “Ace” bracelet by Surplus.

Harriet, the talented designer of the jewelry line Surplus, brought in this leather and metal “Ace” bracelet.  I just assumed that she had custom made it for me (Ace is my son’s name btw).  She actually made the bracelet without knowing my son’s name!  Eerie coincidence.   I wear it constantly and could never part with it.  She also made, upon our request, several blank bracelets that we can customize.  I highly recommend this bracelet – I love everything about mine!  They are all one-of-a-kind and made from recycled leather, which is worn to perfection.

I love this shot of the gold gilded cicada necklace by Knight&Hammer.  He is a fancy gutter dweller!



*All prices are available by request.  Quantities are limited.

What I’m Wearing Today…

I was really feeling silver today, I love how you can seriously load on the silver and still not look TOO gaudy. Minimalist I am not…

On my finger: Eric Saeter, Silver Oyster Ring, $395

On my neck: Knight & Hammer, Silver Skulls Necklace (doubled), $850

Pamela Love, Silver Day of The Dead Necklace, $125

Knight & Hammer, Fleur de Lis Necklace, $800

Natalia Brilli, Fringe Leather & Chain Necklace, $595

Bisou, bisou,


What I am wearing today….

Who said you can’t wear jewelry with sequins?  But the trick is to wear GOLD with all this silver glitter.  Layers of delicate necklaces…..

Custom “hitchcock” Necklace (we can do any name or word!), Chanel Necklace (mine), Knight&Hammer Gold Sword Necklace $220, hitchcock Madrona Leather, Glass & Safety Pin Necklace $42 (other sizes and colors available), hitchcock Madrona Leather Sterling Cuff $555 (mine – coming soooooon!)

I turned my wrist around to show you guys a different view of the cuff.  We are so proud of this design – the buckle is sterling silver and so beautiful/substantial.  It’s like a belt for your wrist.  A wrist belt!  We have the small size in stock is four different colors and the big ones are in production.  Get on the waiting list – these suckers are going to blow out of here.



New: Lock and Pearl!

I love old rusty locks!  Especially when you pair them with pearls.  This used to be red (have you ever seen a red lock?) and the patina is amazing.

Glass Pearl, Czech Glass, Vintage Pearl and Lock Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $325, Diamond “E” Pendant 10KWG $259, “AWS” Custom Monogram Necklace, Eric Saeter Prism Ring.  Also, debuting my new black diamond studs that I got for my birthday.  Designed by Joseph Knight of Knight&Hammer.  LOVE THEM!

You can also wear it without the lock.  But why would you?!

What I’m wearing today…

Iosselliani, Tiger Eye Snake Ring, $265
Iosselliani, Eagle Cuff, $375
Knight & Hammer, Gold skull with Ruby Eyes Necklace, $695
Maria Carter, Yellow Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace, $150

Last night I went to see Hall & Oates play Bumbershoot! I know, I know, some of you must be cringing…but I had a total blast dancing the night away! Gotta love watching aging rock stars totally get down! Today I’m wearing evil eyes, ruby eyes, tiger eyes, eagle eyes, and definitely listening to Private Eyes!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Bisou, bisou,


What I am wearing today…..

White & Gold Druzy, hitchcock Madrona $389, Leather and Silk Cuff, Winifred Grace $240, Gold “Hornblower” Seal, Knight&Hammer $450 and earrings Casey gave me for our wedding which also happen to be our son’s birthstone – sapphire.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby Ace.  One year old yesterday, Sept. 2nd.