Just In: Venessa Arizaga Spring 2013 Collection

Venessa Arizaga’s Spring/Summer collection is here! These pieces are stunning. Many have a glamorous, almost rock-n-roll feel to them and feature metals and darker threads, whereas others are super playful and bright.

Venessa is a true original in the fashion world. Trained as a fashion designer at Parson’s in New York, she had stints at Carolina Herrera and later at Zac Posen, where she served as Design Director, before breaking out on her own and starting her own line. A favorite of the hyper-fashionable, her line is beautifully executed (plus, all of it is handmade in Brooklyn – we love supporting designers who are committed to making their pieces in the U.S.). She regularly describes herself and her designs as “magpie” like, in that she is a constant collector of all things pretty and shiny and her jewelry reflects that (minimalist she in not). We so appreciate the spirit of her work, its craftsmanship and her creative vision.


I absolutely love this black and pearl collar. I am such a die hard pearl fan that this combination would fit right into all my layers. It is edgy but demure at the same time. I find I have to edge my pearls up (wear with ripped jeans or black eyeliner) so they don’t look too old.


Venessa’s spring collection features lavender and pink thread. I love how these feminine colors can lighten up an outfit. She is so skilled at mixing pastels or demure pearl with heavy black chain.  Perfection.


Who doesn’t need a sterling silver web around their neck? I know I DO.

Come in and check out the rest of the spring collection. We also have corresponding bracelets.



Just In: Pamela Love Spring Collection

Pamela Love’s spring collection has arrived! Love’s amazing jewelry is regularly featured in magazines like Vogue and Elle. Her unique and playful designs imply rock-and-roll and Southwestern influences and have been perfectly executed and imbued with just the right amount of edge. Currently in stock are necklaces ideal for layering, statement rings and dramatic cuffs. Her work is amazing – stop by and check it out!




New shipment in from Italian jewelry line IOSSELIANI!  The talented duo behind this line have designed some seriously fun and dramatic pieces, but many are still very easy to integrate into your wardrobe. The perfect pieces to dress up jeans and a tee shirt – take a look:


I am completely enamored with this collar necklace below.  I don’t think I have ever seen any jewelry piece in a store that is this fabulous.  It is spectacular!


IOSSELIANI’s main line and Puro IOSSELIANI both feature vintage silhouettes in exciting and daring ways.  Jewelry should be engaging and interesting!


We are back from NYC (barely) and gearing up for Valentine’s Day!  Spring merchandise keeps rolling in.  Today Dustin put out Michael Spirito and Pamela Love is being unpacked.  Posts on those lines to come!



Just In: Puro by Iosselliani

Hitchcock Madrona customers are likely familiar with Iosselliani’s dramatic and fun fashion jewelry pieces. The company is expanding with their new line Puro, which takes Iosselliani in a different direction. Puro is a line of fine jewelry that is made in the Italian jewelry tradition. It features delicate sterling silver and gold-plated pieces adorned with semi-precious and precious stones, including garnets and sapphires. Puro necklaces can be easily layered and Puro rings are intended to be stacked. However, even though these pieces are more subtle than those from Iosselliani’s main line they never-the-less have a definite flair to them that reflects the creative vision of Iosselliani’s founders and designers, Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci. Easy to integrate into any jewelry collection, Puro offers a fresh and innovative take on the fine jewelry genre. We are sure that you too will be enamored with Puro jewelry.




We have many more styles by Puro currently available. We also received a large shipment from Iosselliani – blog post on that coming soon!

Just In: Unearthen

We recently received a new shipment of jewelry from Unearthen. One of the most distinctive lines we carry here at Hitchcock Madrona, Unearthen was founded by Gia Bahm. She creates necklaces, rings, and bracelets that prominently feature crystals. Each of the crystals she chooses for her designs have specific properties that are meant to promote certain health benefits for their wearers. Additionally, it is Bahm’s intent when designing that the crystal she uses should appeal uniquely to its wearer, and that there should be an inherent property in the crystal which attracts its eventual owner. The pieces we currently have in stock are all quartz crystal, which is purported to have general healing properties and is thought to be a powerful stone.

These pieces are edgy, playful, and fun! The crystals are incorporated into designs that showcase their natural, organic shapes to the fullest. While they can be worn alone as statement pieces, Unearthen designs can be easily layered and many of necklaces would work really well as  “second skin jewelry” to be worn every day.



bullet necklace

Just in: TOM BINNS

Jeweler Tom Binns and CEO Cristina Viera Newton launched Tom Binns Design in 2004. Binns has been crafting jewelry for over twenty years, having begun his career in 1981. Viera Newton has worked in the fashion industry for decades. She started as a model in the 1970s for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent, Dior, and Givenchy. Later, she translated this experience to the business side of fashion, serving alongside Valentino’s Director of Public Relations dressing and styling some of the world’s most famous celebrities.

Together, they have created a line that is exciting and dynamic with an urban feel. Tom Binns Design is regularly profiled in Vogue Magazine. The line has been awarded numerous prestigious honors, including Accessory Designer of the Year by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (“CFDA”) in 2006. Always on the cutting-edge of style, he recently collaborated with Lisa Hoffman (perfumer and wife of the Academy Award winning Dustin) on a line of scented pendants to be worn like necklaces. His innovative approach to fashion has made his jewelry a favorite of some of today’s most iconic women (even one fashionable first lady!).

Tom’s primary inspiration has long been Dada, an artistic movement that took place during the first half of the twentieth century. Born out of anger at the advent of the First World War, the Dadaists were largely a collection of French and German individuals who congregated in Zurich, Switzerland during the nineteen teens and twenties. They began making art that defied any conventions and easy forms of classification. Their work challenged not only established artistic styles, but also society as a whole. The Dadaist’s art is alternately outrageous, moderately offensive, hilarious, and playful. Poking fun at what was held to be sacred by society, including art and artistic traditions, Marcel Duchamp (the most famous Dadaist), drew a mustache on an image of the Mona Lisa for his work “L.H.O.O.Q.” In 1917, he submitted a urinal (which he titled “Fountain”) into an art show under a pseudonym. This humorous attitude belies the seriousness of the intent behind the Dadaist’s work that profoundly shook up the art world, permanently altering it and changing the public’s definition of what can qualify as “art”.

All of Binns’ jewelry is imbued with a Dadaist spirit. His work is fun, exciting, and unlike any other jeweler’s designs. With a sensibility all his own, Tom was one of the first jewelers to embrace the use of multiple large stones for maximum dramatic effect. His creations are bold statement pieces that enliven any outfit. We are so pleased to carry his line at Hitchcock Madrona!


(Duchamp’s Mona Lisa)

Tom Binns’ irreverent approach to design inspired me to photograph his pieces sprinkled inside and outside the store. These are only a few of the items we have – come visit and add this legendary artist to your collection.






It is our absolute pleasure to introduce Tom Binns to our clients. He is an artist we have admired for almost a decade. His influence is apparent in many of the top jewelry designers of our time.



Just In: MORE Barbour Coats!

A company steeped in a rich history, Barbour was founded over one hundred years ago. In 1894, John Barbour opened his store “J. Barbour and Sons Ltd.” and since its beginnings the brand has very much been a family enterprise. Maintaining a distinctively British feel, Barbour has expanded its line to include coats, sweaters, tees, jeans, and other items for men, women, and children. However, despite its expansion, Barbour remains true to its origins and to the line’s staples that have established it as a favorite brand amongst the fashion-conscious the world over.
One of Barbour’s most iconic pieces is its version of the motorcycle jacket. Barbour has designed motorcycle jackets since 1934. This began as something of a personal endeavor, as Duncan Barbour was an avid motorcyclist. From 1936 to 1977, almost every British International team of racers sported these coats. The Barbour International coat, perhaps the company’s most famous manifestation of the motorcycle jacket, has been donned by competitive racers from the 1950’s onwards. It was the actor and motorcycle rider Steve McQueen who made the Barbour International famous; he wore it in 1964 when competing as a part of Team U.S.A. in the International Six Day Trial. He continued to wear it and by doing so cemented its status as an iconic and timeless wardrobe staple.
The Barbour International jacket continues to remain relevant today, and has been reinvented for women. This line, carried at Hitchcock Madrona, stays true to the feel of the original Barbour International, but has been tailored to better fit a woman’s shape. We have these gorgeous jackets in an array of colors, and they are an ideal blend of masculine-feminine. A perfect gift for the holidays!

We received our second shipment of Barbour coats!  If you missed out on your size come visit.  We have deeper stock and new styles!

This is a new style for us – the “Outlaw” Jacket.

Winter is approaching!  I have the double (faux) fur going on today.

Our best seller, the Rainbow International Jacket is waterproof and washable.  How very Seattle!?

Do you like my DIY jeans?  I was feeling very punk (as “punk” as a 34 year old mother can be!) and painted these last night.