Photo Shoot: Fun with Harris

While I am on vacation in Santa Barbara (yeah!) with my family I wanted to post these fun photos that Dustin and I took with Harris a few weeks ago. This photo shoot was totally impromptu and lots of fun – how could it not be?! It all started with one photo of Harris in his new MOSCOT Tummel glasses. Aren’t they perfect?


Glasses by MOSCOT, wool blazer by Hitchcock Madrona, and necklaces by Shannon Koszyk. We have Shannon Koszyk’s spring collection in store now. The new collection infuses her coins, medals and antique heraldry with white and brass beads. They are light and easy to wear.


Harris is also featuring the Seventy Eight Percent Ipad Sleeve and silk pocket square by Hitchcock Madrona. Both items are perfect gifts for men.


Barbour Falcon Coat in Black


IOSSELLIANI Rhinestone collar. How amazing is this piece?! Possibly my favorite item in the store right now. I can’t wait to see who takes this baby home.


Solid cashmere scarf by Hitchcock Madrona.

When we started this photo shoot we asked “what will work for Harris in the store?”. When we ended the shoot we realized “what DOESN”T work for Harris!?”. Everything looked great!

I will be back in the store on Wednesday, February 27th. Until then, Morrow and Dustin will be open and ready to help!




New shipment in from Italian jewelry line IOSSELIANI!  The talented duo behind this line have designed some seriously fun and dramatic pieces, but many are still very easy to integrate into your wardrobe. The perfect pieces to dress up jeans and a tee shirt – take a look:


I am completely enamored with this collar necklace below.  I don’t think I have ever seen any jewelry piece in a store that is this fabulous.  It is spectacular!


IOSSELIANI’s main line and Puro IOSSELIANI both feature vintage silhouettes in exciting and daring ways.  Jewelry should be engaging and interesting!


We are back from NYC (barely) and gearing up for Valentine’s Day!  Spring merchandise keeps rolling in.  Today Dustin put out Michael Spirito and Pamela Love is being unpacked.  Posts on those lines to come!



Just In: Puro by Iosselliani

Hitchcock Madrona customers are likely familiar with Iosselliani’s dramatic and fun fashion jewelry pieces. The company is expanding with their new line Puro, which takes Iosselliani in a different direction. Puro is a line of fine jewelry that is made in the Italian jewelry tradition. It features delicate sterling silver and gold-plated pieces adorned with semi-precious and precious stones, including garnets and sapphires. Puro necklaces can be easily layered and Puro rings are intended to be stacked. However, even though these pieces are more subtle than those from Iosselliani’s main line they never-the-less have a definite flair to them that reflects the creative vision of Iosselliani’s founders and designers, Paolo Giacomelli and Roberta Paolucci. Easy to integrate into any jewelry collection, Puro offers a fresh and innovative take on the fine jewelry genre. We are sure that you too will be enamored with Puro jewelry.




We have many more styles by Puro currently available. We also received a large shipment from Iosselliani – blog post on that coming soon!

Fashion Flashback: Daisy Buchanan

We were feeling a bit stuffy in the shop today so we ventured to the garden of our favorite wine bar, Bottlehouse.  If you have never been to Bottlehouse in Madrona you must pop by.  They have the most wonderful selection of beverages and snacks.  Baguette with honey and creme fresh butter, please!  While gracefully sipping water (I know, but I had to go back to work!) I did my best to channel the fragile yet breathlessly beautiful “Daisy Buchanan”.  Step 1. Wear a large floppy hat.  Step 2. Pile on the pearls.  Of course, my “Daisy” had to have a little edge so I combined my pre-requisite pearls with this wonderful Xenia Mara hematite coated chain waterfall necklace.

Necklaces (top to bottom): 1) Pearl strand (personal). 2) Hematite covered chain and pyrite waterfall necklace by Xenia Mara. 3) Tiny seed pearl and pave diamond bead necklace by Hitchcock Madrona. 3) Ring Necklace by IOSSELLIANI (can’t really see this one).

Rings (right hand): 1) On my middle finger, I have my simple diamond eternity band. I am really enjoying this ring beacsue I can wear it on 4 out of ten fingers.  2) On my index finger I am loving my personal sterling silver signet ring.  Both designed by Hitchcock Madrona.  *More on the new signet ring to come!

(left hand): 1) On my index finger I am wearing a vintage sterling silver, enamel, ruby, and aquamarine ring procured in Paris by Hitchcock Madrona.  This was an amazing find in Paris!  I love the color combination – black (oxidized sterling silver), white (enamel), ruby and aquamarine.  Truly one-of-a-kind.  I am so lucky to have found a few great pieces for our collection in Paris (lucky because shopping with a 2 year old in a foreign city is impossible). 2) On my ring finger I am wearing some faux gold bands from my personal collection.



What I am wearing today…..Stripes on Stripes

A special thanks two these two adorable girls eating their ice cream in Madrona.  We couldn’t resist capturing this idyllic summer scene.

I (and the rest of the world) can’t stop wearing striped shirts.  This one, bought in the men’s department, luckily has some refreshing new details.  I wanted to create more stripes to really take the outfit to the almost ridiculous – the two necklaces are striped and so is my belt.

Necklaces: (top to bottom) 1) Woven cotton collar, Venessa Arizaga. 2) Crystal, Pearl and Metal Necklace, IOSSELlIANI. 3) Bronze and Lapis Arrow Necklace, Pamela Love NYC.

The thin gold chain is one that my dad wore daily when I was growing up.  It has been sitting in his jewelry box for about 15 years with a broken clasp.  I resurrected it, after asking permission of course, and have been wearing it constantly.  I love mixing family heirlooms with fun/fashion jewelry.  They personalize a look beyond just composing a great combination.  Antique pieces, especially from a loved one, give your look a dimension that I can’t quite articulate.  Is it the soul that old things possess?  Or, what the sentiment does to the wearer?  Not sure.  Plus, I am also really into longer necklaces right now!  I will write more on that later.



Outfit of the Day: Army Green, Leopard and Bling

Sorry for the break in blogging – two-week vacation, the fourth of July, blah, blah, blah.  Finally summer is here in Seattle and the eternal “what do I wear in hot weather?” conundrum is upon us.  This is what I wore on Sunday – new army jacket bedazzled from Zara, jean shorts and leopard wedges.  Loving the neon pink polish lately!

Bracelets: Right hand – green Bakelite cuff, vintage. Left hand: Small Sterling and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona (among all my other random bracelets that I have been addicted too!)  I feel naked without at least four bracelets on each hand.

Necklaces: Jeweled Collar, IOSSELIANNI: love this!  Just put it out!  Sterling Silver Rosary Necklace, Pamela Love.



Gift Ideas: Father’s Day, June 17th

Come visit for Father’s Day – we actually have a few good gift options for Dad.

Etro Fragrance.  Our picks for men: Ambra (warm, sexy Amber) and New Tradition (old school (ish) men’s fragrance).  $165 each.  Silk Pochette.  Made in Italy for the “Dapper Dad”.  🙂  $75 each

Italian Leather and Japanese Canvas Computer Briefcase, Seventy Eight Percent $625.  Leather and Steel Necklace, Surplus $195.  Bracelets: Leather Ball Chain, Natalia Brilli $125 (right hand), Men’s Id Bracelet $480 and Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff (small) $275, both hitchcock Madrona.

Computer and Ipad Sleeves, Seventy Eight Percent $225 and $205

Linen Scarf.  Made in Italy, hitchcock Madrona $135.  Sterling Silver Cross Ring, Pamela Love $230.  Vintage Heavy Sterling Silver Bracelet $420.

If you can get your Dad to wear jewelry then get in here!  Bronze Spike Ring, Pamela Love $98 (right hand), Necklaces: Black Tourmaline Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $310, Brown Coral and Steel Necklace, Surplus $225.  Leather and Sterling Silver Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275.

Barbour Umbrella $65.  This is a MUST for the Seattle Dad.  Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona $75.

Inspiration: W Magazine “Rock of Ages” Cover

I could not resist recreating the look that Tom Cruise is “rocking” on the May cover of W Magazine.  Pretty close, right?

Here is a closer look –


– Sterling Silver Rosary Dagger Necklace, Pamela Love $245

– Custom Monogram Necklace, hitchcock Madrona (price available by request – I will do a separate post on this)

– Pyrite and Sterling Silver Bullet Necklace, Unearthen $325

Bracelets (bottom to top):

– Woven and Crystal “Twisted Midnight” Bracelet, Venessa Arizaga $250 (also wearing her ring $95)

– Leather and Sterling Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $275

– Rhodium Plated Studded Bangle bracelets, IOSSELLIANI $225 each (wearing two)



Just in: Iossellianni Collar

Ummmmm, the most fabulous necklace ever!  Who is going to get this prize?!  We just received a few more pieces from our spring/summer order from Iossellianni.  Wow!  This line never disappoints.  Can you imagine wearing this in the summer with a white tank top or crisp white shirt (a la Ricky Lauren – Navajo belt, jeans and riding boots).

Rhinestone, Chain and Stud Collar, Iossellianni Collar $705

Worn with: Obsidian Arrowhead and Sterling Silver Ring, Pamela Love $495 and Delicate Gold Bands, hitchcock Madrona $135 (worn on ring and index finger)



Jewelry Wardrobe Basics – Necklaces

I was asked by a good friend of mine (thanks Katie!) to do a “jewelry wardrobe essentials” post.  I have thought about this a lot and even attempted a post on it a few months ago but it seems so daunting.  What are the pieces that every woman needs in her jewelry wardrobe?  What works with all her clothes for every occasion??  Well, I am going to just jump right in and tackle this post.

Here are the categories and photo examples of necklaces that I think are essential:

1.  Long Necklace.  Example: Plaza Hotel Letter “C” Bronze with Silk Ribbon, Lulu Frost $368

2. Statement Necklace.  Example: Pearl, Silver and Rhinestone Collar, Iosselliani $450

3. Mid-Length Necklace.  Example:

4. Chunky Stone Necklace.  Example: Brass and Quartz Crystal Necklace, Xenia Mara Designs $325

5. Delicate Fine Necklace.  Example: 18K Gold Diamond Dot Necklace on Sterling Silver Chain (Oxidized), hitchcock Madrona $695 (price depends on the size of the diamond – this one is a 10 pt stone)

6.  Chains Necklace.  Example: Vintage Copper Layers w/ Peach Pearls, Xenia Mara $330

As you can image, these necklaces can be worn in an infinite number of layering combinations.  Also, every necklace here can be worn with a white t-shirt and jeans, as well as, a little black dress.  I encourage women to wear the jewels they love everyday and in every way – that is particularly important in a city like Seattle (where casual is an understatement).

Here I am wearing all of them at once!  (Diamond is hidden in my shirt)

What category did I leave out?  Strand of pearls?  What can’t you live without in terms of necklaces?  Feel free to comment and I will do a continuation of this post.  Please, give me suggestions!

More posts regarding jewelry wardrobe to come.  Earrings next!