Outfit of the Day: Faux Des Garcons

So excited to blog about this jacket! My good friend Summer is an expert seamstress. I recently asked her to recreate the Comme Des Garcons blanket coat from Fall 2009. I have been obsessed with the blanket coat for many years and have never seen one in real life. They sold out immediately and frankly, were out of my price range even at a discount on ebay. When I met Summer I knew that was the first thing I wanted. I used an old (about 5 years old) Banana Republic utility coat and a wool blanket from the Tibetan market in India. I know that this was a challenging project but Summer executed it perfectly. I love love love it!

Here is the Comme version on the runway –


AND mine –




I am also wearing my Hitchcock Madrona sterling and brown leather cuff.  This is an original design that everyone must own! We are working on a post all about this classic piece and how we developed it (it wasn’t easy!). I layered my 18k gold skulls and cross bones necklace (he has diamond eyes!) with my lapis, bronze and sterling spike necklace by Pamela Love. As you can see, I am trying to grow my hair out – not cute!

The Toyota Tacoma behind me is the official Hitchcock Madrona-mobile. So glamorous. It is amazing that a jewelry store needs a pick up truck but, we do!

I am getting very excited for the Surplus trunk show on Thursday evening.  Come toast one of our favorite artists!



Travel: Off to India!


We’re leaving for our annual buying trip to India! Dustin and I take off Wednesday, January 9th and will return Thursday, January 24th.

We are so excited to discover a ton of amazing new things for the store (just in time for Valentine’s Day!). We will do our best to capture our adventures for the blog.  I have dedicated about a quarter of my tiny suitcase to camera, cords and computer.  That is precious space!

When we return (and get over the wicked jet lag) the blog will feature our finds throughout the spring season.

While we are gone Hitchcock Madrona will be open regular hours during the two weeks that Dustin and I are out of town.  Our wonderful team will be here to hold down the fort and do some blogging of their own.



What I am wearing…..IKAT!

I have loved all things ikat for a few years now.  You can see the print throughout my house (bed spread and couch throw pillows) and closet.  The colors of traditional Indian/Middle Eastern ikat are beautiful and designs otherworldly.  Ikat fabric is produced in a similar way to tied-dye fabric.  To create ikat the thread of the textile is dyed using the binding technique before it is woven into the fabric, whereas tied-dye is woven then bound and dyed.  It is amazing that intricate patterns miraculously appear after the thread is woven.  Ikat is a great way to wear a print without it being floral or plaid, which are expected.  It reads tribal and exotic which, for me, works best in the summer.  I decided to balance the pants with layers of ladylike pearls.  I also wanted to bring in another color so I chose golden brown, which looks great with navy and white.

Necklaces: 1) Pearl layers (costume/personal). 2) Amber chalcedony three stand necklace by hitchcock Madrona.  3) Wood, shell, brass and thread necklace by Winifred Grace.

Featuring….the newest addition to the hitchcock Madrona gold druzy rings.  Previously we made the gold setting available in black and white druzy quartz stones.  We chose these copper flecked quartz stones in India, where I was mesmerized by the colors within each stone.  They are a rich mixture of black, white, grey, and copper.  The perfect neutral because of the integration of cool and warm tones.  Sizes 5 – 9 available.

Bronze and leather cuff paired with two sterling silver and cotton woven bracelets, all by hitchcock Madrona.

Gold filled bangle cuffs (seven worn) by hitchcock Madrona, layered with black and gold chain bracelet by Xenia Mara. Ring: Wood, sterling silver and lemon quartz (gem quality) by hitchcock Madrona.
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I can’t believe that it is August already!  I love this time of year; the days are long and the excitement of fall is around the corner.



Evening Wear

I broke out this green silky pajama shirt today for the first time.  I purchased this as part of a set (I can’t wait to wear the pants with a simple white tank top!) in India when we were there in January.  I think it is actually a men’s pajama set but not totally sure. Oh well!

Dustin is back from Hawaii (yeah!) so we had fun this morning accessorizing my bright green and yellow shirt with tons o’jewels!

Necklaces (top to bottom):

Woven Gold Lame and Base Metal Necklace, Venessa Arizaga

Peach Sunstone and Copper Layers Necklace, Xenia Mara (this is such a wardrobe staple!)

Polished Raw Citrine Chunks, hitchcock Madrona

Speaking of India!  While we were buying gemstones for our designs in India, Dustin and I came upon this amazing strand of Citrine.  We purchased it from a stone supplier that has very random but super high-quality stones.  When we visit we sit down and say, “only show us what YOU think is the most special and of the highest quality in your stock.”  He has an infectious passion for unique stones (the best of the best).  With excitement he proceeds to unveil countless jaw-dropping strands of gemstones.  If we could only buy them all!

This strand is special for a couple reasons: the quality of stone (over 1,000 carats! aka ridiculous), cut and perfect graduation, and clarity/extraordinary color.  We had to keep them together (of course) and make one fabulous necklace.  It is hand knotted with a sterling silver clasp.  Stunning!

Sterling Silver and Gold Plated Cast Bullet Necklace, Unearthen

*Cotton Scarf, hitchcock Madrona















What I am wearing today…..

Quick jewels post….I love pyrite.  Sorry if you can’t see the details on these pieces.  They are amazing – I will do a separate post soon.  We just put them out today.  Technically, I have four necklaces on right now (the long one is doubled).  We bought such amazing quality pyrite this trip.

Pyrite Long “Twinkler” $350

Pyrite and Ruby Ball $325

Pyrite and Ruby/Diamond Bead $350

Diamond and Sterling Silver Anchor (LOVE!) $355



We are off….INDIA

It is time again for our annual trip to India!  We are leaving tomorrow morning  at about 1:00am and should settle into our hotel in Jaipur about 35 hours later.  Arg.  This is my first trip as a mom and have mixed feelings of excitement and nervousness.

Dustin and I have the most wonderful time in India exploring new markets, sifting through seas of gemstones, and buying diamond jewelry until our credit card blows up.  We will be back January 14th (in the store January 18th) and are planning to have an event at the end of January or early February to share our treasures.  If you are not on the mailing list and would like to be email me at: info@hitchcockmadrona.com.  You will then get the stores updates and event invites.

I will leave you with one of my favorite images (taken by my friend Catherine) from my first trip.  It is a monkey milking a cow.  Only in India.

Kate is holding down the fort for the next two weeks – if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask her.  She is very capable!