Client Feedback: Evan and the Coin Necklace

It was so wonderful to open my email the other day and get this message from Evan. Together, we created a custom coin necklace a few months ago.  I dropped him a line to see how he liked wearing his piece (he has never worn jewelry before). Evan was so great to work with (as you can imagine after reading the note below) and I hope that there will be an occasion to work with him again. He doesn’t live in Seattle so we communicated solely via email. Pen pals!

Here is Evan’s note and some photos of him sporting his new necklace (he gave me permission to publish this):

I love my necklace. I love its feel, and its originality.

In Europe, I wore the necklace swimming a-plenty, never with the feeling that it would be somehow lifted from my neck. I can say, too, that I really enjoy the necklace’s aesthetic as a beach accessory–actually, I especially enjoy it when shirtless. I suppose it’s not the sort of necklace one wears over shirts–at least, that’s not how I ever envisioned wearing it–thus, when shirtless, I can enjoy it in full.

There is something to be said too about a bit of visible chain when the necklace is worn with a shirt. The hint of a necklace is cool in itself; I think it complements any garment.

This observation may strike you as odd, but the weight of the necklace is one of its most favorable qualities. While it is difficult to explain, the weight provides a placebo mental confidence. I’m not positive exactly sure as to why I sense such an intangible emotion over a necklace, but I think it worth describing, and not overlooking. No doubt, I’m not the only one who has ever sensed the feeling.

I want to thank you for all of the work, knowledge and collaboration you devoted to the project of creating my necklace. Your counsel was invaluable during the process. Additionally, I would like to thank you for the manner in which you presented the necklace, from the velvet pouch that housed the necklace, to the box and lovely card.

If there is anything that I can do for you in return, such as the posting of a review, or anything else, please let me know, and I will happily oblige.

A thousand thanks to you and Hitchcock Madrona.


THANK YOU, Evan. Your note was inspiring. It was my pleasure.


Client Feedback: Sadia and the Brass Cuff

When I checked my email yesterday I got an email from my good friend Sadia.  Here is a little back story….we met about two years ago when she found our store (she is the kind of girl who hunts and finds the coolest places in town).  We became fast friends getting together for dinner and wine whenever possible.  She is everything that a girl wants in a friend – kind (she gave me a sterling silver rattle from India when she found out I was pregnant for good luck), intelligent, driven, encouraging, supportive, great style/taste, and she is stunningly beautiful (do you hate her now?!).  When I met her I had an instant “girl crush”!  She has since moved to Portland but still is a loyal patron of hitchcock Madrona.  Here is where the email comes in: she wrote a quote that she wanted me to put on our blog/website.  She had just received her new hitchcock Madrona Bronze and Leather Cuff Bracelet.

“First the druzy (ring), now the cuff, I never know what iconic masterpiece the geniuses at hitchcock Madrona will design next, but I do know I want to be first in line to snatch it up!”  – Sadia

WOW – thank you so much!  You truly made our day.  We are so happy you love our creations.  We do it for you!