Inspriation: Beat the Seattle Chill in Style

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To combat Seattle’s freezing cold weather we’re turning to Barbour’s National Trials Jacket and our very own line of 100% cashmere wraps. Stay fashionable and warm with this stunning (and practical) combo! Hitchcock Madrona cashmere wraps are super soft. They come in a variety of colors and prints.



Complete your stylish ensemble with a pair of Pantherella cashmere socks. Luxury never felt so cozy.


Obsession: Seventy Eight Percent

We are loving Seventy Eight Percent’s bags!

Everything by Seventy Eight Percent is handmade by craftsmen and women committed to producing products of the highest quality using the best materials. The leather comes from a renowned tannery in Tuscany, the canvas is Egyptian cotton made in Japan. It can take up to fifty hours to complete a single Seventy Eight Percent bag.

Seventy Eight Percent + Barbour + Moscot = Perfection!


Seventy Eight Percent Schults briefcase, Barbour Heritage International jacket in olive, Moscot Originals glasses

The name “Seventy Eight Percent” was taken from a design manifesto written by the multi-talented Elad Klein, an Israeli designer, artist and musician. He believed that an item should be seventy eight percent perfect, which he determined was the ideal amount of perfection to ensure an object’s quality but that allows the product to still be unique, something that its owner can embrace. Seventy Eight Percent is a company passionate about making bags that are beautiful but also strong, and that regular use will only make better.

seventy eight percent

Seventy Eight Percent Frida case, Hitchcock Madrona large druzy ring

Photo Shoot: Military Style


Kate is modeling Barbour’s Falcon Coat, which is part of their Heritage Fashion collection. The Heritage collection re-imagines and updates classic Barbour styles by putting a modern twist on iconic looks. It features details derived from Barbour’s International Jacket (which we blogged about previously!) and is super cute and practical.


Military-inspired fashion always comes back around in the fall and winter.  It is classic and versatile, the look is timeless.


The Falcon Coat is made of a cashmere wool blend (so soft!) and features a beautiful leather belt. It has an extremely flattering fit as is expertly tailored.


We also have a few of our hand knit accessories left!  Love the feel and dynamic color of the alpaca yarn we used.


Kate is also wearing a labradorite and sterling silver necklace by Shannon Koszyk in her pocket.  She is also wearing a few Hitchcock Madrona bangle cuffs and a sterling silver Pamela Love ring.


We still have a few sizes in the Falcon coat available!



Product: Barbour Bags

Barbour can do no wrong! In addition to their stunning range of coats (which we’ve profiled previously—definitely check out those posts on our blog if you haven’t already!) we have an array of Barbour bags that are both versatile and cute. These come in a variety of styles; some function as large tote bags and would be great to carry a laptop in, whereas others are purses perfect for toting around the basics. What’s especially cool about these bags is that they work equally well for a man or a woman – the shapes, colors, and materials are all gender-neutral. A perfect present for anyone on your gift list this year!

Bright Wax Shopper, dark red


Wax Leather Mail Bag, olive


Wax Retriever Bag, olive


Leather Cartridge Bag, dark brown (also available in the waxed cotton)



Canvas Beacon Shopp, caramel


My favorite bag of the collection is the Wool Blanket Bag (below). Every bag is different – the fabric is cut randomly. Luckily, we got good ones!  This one has a prominent red stripe, which is so cute. I think this would be a perfect weekend getaway bag or carry on.


We are also featuring our new wool Barbour scarves. The small size makes them easy to wear and reasonably priced – perfect man gift! If you have a Barbour coat the scarf is a great coordinating piece without looking matchy.


Just In: MORE Barbour Coats!

A company steeped in a rich history, Barbour was founded over one hundred years ago. In 1894, John Barbour opened his store “J. Barbour and Sons Ltd.” and since its beginnings the brand has very much been a family enterprise. Maintaining a distinctively British feel, Barbour has expanded its line to include coats, sweaters, tees, jeans, and other items for men, women, and children. However, despite its expansion, Barbour remains true to its origins and to the line’s staples that have established it as a favorite brand amongst the fashion-conscious the world over.
One of Barbour’s most iconic pieces is its version of the motorcycle jacket. Barbour has designed motorcycle jackets since 1934. This began as something of a personal endeavor, as Duncan Barbour was an avid motorcyclist. From 1936 to 1977, almost every British International team of racers sported these coats. The Barbour International coat, perhaps the company’s most famous manifestation of the motorcycle jacket, has been donned by competitive racers from the 1950’s onwards. It was the actor and motorcycle rider Steve McQueen who made the Barbour International famous; he wore it in 1964 when competing as a part of Team U.S.A. in the International Six Day Trial. He continued to wear it and by doing so cemented its status as an iconic and timeless wardrobe staple.
The Barbour International jacket continues to remain relevant today, and has been reinvented for women. This line, carried at Hitchcock Madrona, stays true to the feel of the original Barbour International, but has been tailored to better fit a woman’s shape. We have these gorgeous jackets in an array of colors, and they are an ideal blend of masculine-feminine. A perfect gift for the holidays!

We received our second shipment of Barbour coats!  If you missed out on your size come visit.  We have deeper stock and new styles!

This is a new style for us – the “Outlaw” Jacket.

Winter is approaching!  I have the double (faux) fur going on today.

Our best seller, the Rainbow International Jacket is waterproof and washable.  How very Seattle!?

Do you like my DIY jeans?  I was feeling very punk (as “punk” as a 34 year old mother can be!) and painted these last night.



Fall 2012 Launch Party 11.15

Officially Fall Outfit of the Day: Claire’s Return

Fall is in full swing around Hitchcock Madrona and we have all the cold weather gear you need from head to toe. Literally, we are selling hats, sweaters, coats, and socks. This season has been fun broadening our boutique’s offerings. We are so accustomed to selling jewelry that I get a big rush when we sell a pair of socks. Speaking of socks, we have some awesomely cozy and fabulous (of course) socks from Pantherella (England).  I am into the over-the-knee style and will figure out how to wear them asap. Blog post to come!

As you can see, I bribed Claire into another photo shoot. She even agreed to wear lipstick – I will turn her into a diva in no time!

Cashmere sweater by Hitchcock Madrona. Copper, brass and semi-precious stone necklaces by Xenia Mara (layered).  Hailwood coat by Barbour International.

Have I expressed my utter devotion to these short Barbour boots??!  Seriously, there is no reason why you should not own a pair.  Utilitarian Seattle chic. No brainer! I love them because they are a bit unexpected (not Hunter) and they are so light and easy to wear!  I get sore ankles when I wear the big, heavy, tall Wellies.  These are perfect to slip on and run out the door.

“Organic bling” of this druzy quartz ring by Hitchcock Madrona is perfect with the casual/outdoor style of the outfit.

We have sizes 7-9 in the short boots (all black).  They are running a bit big but I actually like that so that I can wear a wool sock comfortably.

How cool are these socks from Patherella?  Maroon, pink and cream. Perfection. I wore these with clunky platform heals and a jean skirt the other day.

Today was the first day of the season that I turned the heat on in the shop. Milestone!  Come visit and update your sock drawer!  I am sure it needs it – mine does!