Photo Shoot: Kate and the Top Hat


We had some fun dressing up Kate a few weeks ago. There is nothing better than a photo shoot (or four!). We were inspired by our top hat (doesn’t everyone have a top hat laying around?) and this found object masterpiece by Surplus. This necklace is glitzy, raw, edgy and kind of Madonna circa “Like a Prayer”. She became a living mannequin on the floor.


Necklace by Surplus. One of Kate’s all time favorite designers.



Wood and sterling silver necklace by Shannon Koszyk. Gold filled bangle cuffs by Hitchcock Madrona.  These bracelets have been my go-to recommendation for gifts this season. I have enjoyed mine so much! Sterling silver ring by Pamela Love.


Happy Holidays everyone! We are open all weekend for your last minute shopping. We will also be open for a few hours on Christmas Eve (until about 2:00 pm).



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