Custom: Amy’s “Everyday” Necklace

Amy walked into Hitchcock Madrona about two months ago and gave me a challenge:  “I want a necklace that I can wear everyday, for every occasion, that embodies my personal style, and will one day be worn by my daughter.”  Wow!  That IS a challenge!

Initially, I knew that I wanted to make something two-toned (both silver and gold) with the predominate metal being silver. I wanted more silver because that would keep the cost down, as well as, make the piece a bit more edgy and casual. Amy’s style is: non-fussy, full of black clothes with simple lines, and cuts and styles that transcend trends and work for a professional mom.  Her jewelry taste is bang-on to mine so I was confident!

Amy loves the tiny gold shields and leather/silver cuffs that Dustin and I designed.  Knowing this, I just created something that I want to wear, making the project much easier and very fun.  We agreed on a shield shape and the concept of using her initials somehow (we really wanted it personalized).  I used oxidized sterling silver for the chain and the backing of the gold plate to give it strength and a dynamic color combination.  We then sprinkled a variety of sized white diamonds on the face because, well, why not??  I had my expert engraver hand engrave her initials on the face carefully scrolling around the diamonds and filling the negative space.  He is truly talented!  Amy and I also decided on putting the gold clasp up front and making it just as beautiful as the piece itself.  This decision made the piece!

It was so inspiring to work on this project! It is one of my favorite things I have ever designed.  I really love the idea of creating a very personal piece that can be passed down to future generations.  If you have dreamed of something that doesn’t yet exist or you can’t find quote the right item – let’s make it!  We can incorporate old materials (aka process old gold jewelry) to help keep the cost down.




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