Product: Barbour Bags

Barbour can do no wrong! In addition to their stunning range of coats (which we’ve profiled previously—definitely check out those posts on our blog if you haven’t already!) we have an array of Barbour bags that are both versatile and cute. These come in a variety of styles; some function as large tote bags and would be great to carry a laptop in, whereas others are purses perfect for toting around the basics. What’s especially cool about these bags is that they work equally well for a man or a woman – the shapes, colors, and materials are all gender-neutral. A perfect present for anyone on your gift list this year!

Bright Wax Shopper, dark red


Wax Leather Mail Bag, olive


Wax Retriever Bag, olive


Leather Cartridge Bag, dark brown (also available in the waxed cotton)



Canvas Beacon Shopp, caramel


My favorite bag of the collection is the Wool Blanket Bag (below). Every bag is different – the fabric is cut randomly. Luckily, we got good ones!  This one has a prominent red stripe, which is so cute. I think this would be a perfect weekend getaway bag or carry on.


We are also featuring our new wool Barbour scarves. The small size makes them easy to wear and reasonably priced – perfect man gift! If you have a Barbour coat the scarf is a great coordinating piece without looking matchy.


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