Bring me your diamonds!

Hitchcock Madrona “Diamond Dot” necklace with 18 carat gold bezel and oxidized sterling silver chain.

Many of our clients have random diamonds from, say, a grandmother’s brooch or a great-grandfather’s masonic ring. Or, there are the diamonds from (let’s be honest) a previous marriage. But, what to do with this jewelry that is never going to be worn in its current state? I mean, it is a shame to let a diamond languish in a drawer! It wants a new life – it wants to be worn!!! I noticed that old jewelery was never a huge priority or something that my clients wanted to sink money into. Therefore, I wanted to come up with a design that was economical, modern, young, and above all else, wearable. Thus, the Hitchcock Madrona “Diamond Dot Necklace” was born. I am desperately trying to find a diamond for myself – I love this design! It doesn’t matter the quality of the diamond. Every necklace that we have made has looked wonderful in this simple bezel. I can do a gold chain or a sterling silver chain. I especially love the color combination of diamond, yellow gold and blackened chain. I think it is a really unconventional and edgy way to wear “fine” jewelry.

So, dig around your jewelry box and BRING ME YOUR DIAMONDS! The cost is nominal compared to other custom options and you will wear this everyday. I love it alone or even layered with fashion jewelry.
Dustin and I are getting ready for our annual spring buying trip to New York.  We leave on Sunday and will be gone until Thursday night.  Kate will be in the store to assist you.



6 Comments on “Bring me your diamonds!”

  1. Hannah D. says:

    Great idea! Now if only I can find Grandma’s bling…

  2. wow – great idea! I have a teeny tiny little diamond from my aunt’s wedding ring. I’ll have to take a look in my jewelry box and see if it’s necklace-worthy.

  3. peggy frasse says:

    I haven’t taken mine off since you restyled it Lady! Thank you so much!

  4. MalPina Chan says:

    LOVE this idea!!! Can you please give me an idea of the cost… diamond is about .75 carat round. I know thiswould bea total estimate….just need an idea. How long does it take to have one made? What about other round stones? Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you and best regards, MalPina

    MalPina Chan

  5. Scentedpapers says:

    Such a great idea! I’m definitely coming in with my old stones!

  6. says:

    I have a delicate, diamond dot necklace made by the jeweler, Jordan Schlanger. It’s white gold and goes with everything. Diamonds can be either dressed up or down, kinda like furs. Your creative concept is sparkly, spot-on.

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