Outfit of the Day: Men’s Shoes

These aren’t actually men’s shoes (my feet are not that big), but they are MADE like men’s shoes.  I purchased these in Orvieto, Italy on holiday with my family in June.  These are handmade in Italy with substantial materials and detailed finish work.  It struck me – women’s shoes are NOT made with substance.  I could feel the difference just by picking up one shoe.  I was sold.

Earrings: Sterling silver, brass and waxed linen earrings by Winifred Grace.

Rings: (left to right) 1) Sterling Silver monogram signet ring by hitchcock Madrona. 2) Indian head penny (1905) and sterling silver ring by Shannon Koszyk. 3) Steel “Ace” ring (personal).

I am off this weekend for Casey’s family reunion tomorrow.  Dustin will be in the store Saturday.  Then D and I are off to Edmonton, Canada for an inspirational trip.  Kate is back in the store on Sunday.  Yeah!



6 Comments on “Outfit of the Day: Men’s Shoes”

  1. Jacquelina says:

    Cool. Erica, I love this pic of you so much!! Beautiful lady and those shoes are hotttttt.

  2. solomonswizdom.com says:

    I’m drooling over the delicious shoes! Do you know the designer’s name? They’re chic with shorts, too. You’ll wear them frequently in the fall. They’d be amazing with cashmere. Why can’t women’s footwear be more substantial like men’s? My boots always take a beating.

  3. solomonswizdom.com says:

    Erica, NOW it’s a word! Anyway, I appreciate you checking on the designer.

  4. solomonswizdom.com says:

    I’m a freelance writer and obsessed with words. I just did online research on cheapy. I didn’t think that it was a real word; I was wrong. It’s an alternative form of cheapie. You were right!

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