What I am wearing today…..Stripes on Stripes

A special thanks two these two adorable girls eating their ice cream in Madrona.  We couldn’t resist capturing this idyllic summer scene.

I (and the rest of the world) can’t stop wearing striped shirts.  This one, bought in the men’s department, luckily has some refreshing new details.  I wanted to create more stripes to really take the outfit to the almost ridiculous – the two necklaces are striped and so is my belt.

Necklaces: (top to bottom) 1) Woven cotton collar, Venessa Arizaga. 2) Crystal, Pearl and Metal Necklace, IOSSELlIANI. 3) Bronze and Lapis Arrow Necklace, Pamela Love NYC.

The thin gold chain is one that my dad wore daily when I was growing up.  It has been sitting in his jewelry box for about 15 years with a broken clasp.  I resurrected it, after asking permission of course, and have been wearing it constantly.  I love mixing family heirlooms with fun/fashion jewelry.  They personalize a look beyond just composing a great combination.  Antique pieces, especially from a loved one, give your look a dimension that I can’t quite articulate.  Is it the soul that old things possess?  Or, what the sentiment does to the wearer?  Not sure.  Plus, I am also really into longer necklaces right now!  I will write more on that later.



3 Comments on “What I am wearing today…..Stripes on Stripes”

  1. RJS says:

    Erica, I have a theory. I think that when you love a prized piece of jewelry, you mobilize it with good energy. Especially, when you wear it frequently. BTW: I live in New York now, but used to reside near Madrona. I was a regular at the Hi-Spot for years. (Still miss your mocha lattes, Mike.) Unfortunately, I moved before you opened. I enjoy reading your blog, and drooling over the beautiful bling!

    • I am sipping a Hi Spot Americano as I type this! Thank you for reading and commenting! I LOVE your theory. That is a perfect description – “mobilize it with good energy”. Genius. Please visit if you are ever in Seattle! Thank you again. Erica

  2. RJS says:

    Erica, I’m jealous! I also appreciate your compliment. I look forward to meeting you in person, if I’m ever in Seattle someday.

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