Fancy Laundromat….

Today I had to do one of those chores that we all need to do but never want to do – washing my bedding at the laundromat.  Good thing for me that our neighbor is the Madrona laundromat!  We were inspired by the tech look and feel of the laundromat.  I also figured if you have to do laundry, why not be fancy while you do it?  However, I learned doing laundry in tons of jewels is a bit cumbersome (clank, clank, clank).  Oh well!

I am in process of designing hammered gold fill, rose gold fill and sterling silver bracelets similar to the cluster I am wearing above.  I have been living (even sleeping!) in these prototypes I had made for my exact wrist size.  I absolutely love how they fit closely and feel on my wrist.  They are ideal for layering and go with everything in your wardrobe, as well as all of your current accessories.  These should be ready for purchase in a few weeks!

On my right hand I am wearing a crazy mash up of vintage and costume.  Gotta love the tribal bling!



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