OOTD: Muted and Bright

I stole this scarf from the display and loved the muted almost washed out colors on my top half with the bright coral pants on my bottom half.  I know it seems like I am wearing to many layers for June but never fear – the jacket came off around 1:00 pm.

hitchcock Madrona Scarf, $75

These moonstone drops (on 14K gold ear wire) keep in line with the milky/faded/sun bleached tones of my shirt, jacket and scarf.

On my right hand I am wearing a new design for us – wood, sterling silver and semi-precious stone rings that we designed for our spring/summer collection ($289).  I am wearing the rutilated quartz version.  I absolutely love wood jewelry and accessories in the summer.  I will do another post featuring these rings soon.

Sterling Silver and Leather Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $555 (right wrist)

Sterling Silver and Cotton Woven Bracelets, hitchcock Madrona $22 (these are new too!)

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!



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