Watches, Watches And More Watches

But, we don’t sell watches.  For some reason yesterday I was really into digging out all my watches and non-watches and wearing them all at once.  I love the black Natalia Brilli “Nolex” worn with an actual watch.  Somehow the actual watch gives it context and just makes more sense (this is just in my mind because it can totally be worn alone).  I go through phases (like I am sure most people do) when I can’t be bothered with wearing a watch (we all are glued to our phones, right?).  Other times (like today) I feel naked without one.  Wow – this is fascinating stuff, huh?  I just wanted to share my bracelets/watches because they are quite unique (if I do say so myself).

On my right wrist I am wearing an old broken watch that I bought at a junk shop for 25 cents and spray painted gold.  For some reason I just liked the shape and size of the watch.  Layered with – Sterling Silver Men’s ID Bracelet, hitchcock Madrona $480 (our timeless classic!)

On my left hand I am sporting my black leather “Nolex” (we have ONE left people!) with my beloved Men’s Swiss Army watch that I have had for over 6 years.  Black Leather “Nolex” Natalia Brilli $350 (also wearing delicate gold band and diamond eternity band both hitchcock Madrona)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Congrats all UW graduates!!



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