One Earring Five Ways! Genevieve Jones Safety Pins

I was thinking about these Genevieve Jones earrings the other night when I was wearing mine.  There are so many accessorizing opportunities with these little jewels!  I can’t believe it took me this long (we have carried these for a while as I consider these an earring basic).  In fact, you can use these anyway that you would use a normal safety pin.  Super fabulous + utilitarian.

14K Gold Filled and Precious Stone Safety Pin Earrings, Genevieve Jones (NYC) $250-$500

1.) Earrings (of course)

2.) Necklace Charm

(Closer look)

3.) Brooches!

4.) Bracelet Charm (holding together a stack of some cheap bangles)

5.) Ring Charm (you can also hang the ring – with the safety pin – on a necklace)

The possibilities are endless!  I also thought these might be amazing worn on French cuff shirts as cuff links.  I have not tested this yet but if it works – wow!  Super cool.




6 Comments on “One Earring Five Ways! Genevieve Jones Safety Pins”

  1. M says:

    Where can I find these earrings? All websites are either sold out or don’t sell anymore. Id really love the white gold w crystals . Any help? Thanks

  2. M says:

    Where can I buy g jones’ safety pin earrings? Every place Online and boutiques that once carried seem to be out of stock and done with carrying them. Any suggestions?

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