What I am wearing today…layers and layers and layers

I am layered up today!  You would probably not wear all of this at once but I wanted to show that you can layer everything – necklaces (yeah, we know), bracelets and even rings!

First, bracelets:

Brown Leather and Copper Cuff, hitchcock Madrona $455

Rose Gold Vintage Watch with Quartz Pyramid, Unearthen $485

On to necklaces:

Vintage Pearl “Mix” Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $275

Vintage Chain, Pearl, Silk and “E” Necklace, Lulu Frost $355

*lipstick is YSL Rouge Pur #19 (one of my favorite lipsticks of ALL TIME)

Lastly, the rings –

Index – 14k White Gold and Diamond Eternity Band, hitchcock Madrona $795

Middle – Bronze Stud and Crystal Ring w/ Sterling Silver Setting, IOSSELLIANI $225 and Delicate 14K Gold Band, hitchcock Madrona $135

Ring – TWO Delicate 14K Gold Bands, hitchcock Madrona $135 each

I feel a bit bedazzled today but I figured I needed something with this boring white t-shirt (and my “Hugh Hefner Chic” pajama-like pants!).




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