Outfit of the Day (OOTD): Sailor Skirt

Today I am wearing a skirt that I got at a cheap(ish) mall store for preteen girls.  I forget the name of the store but it is a long the lines of a Forever 21 or H&M.  It is actually a strapless, mid-length beach dress (just jersey material).  But,  am wearing it as a high-waisted skirt.  I have been looking for a skirt that is super long (even with my highest wedge shoes) and that has an almost formal cut.  This creates the illusion of long legs.  Plus, it is an interesting formal/casual look (wouldn’t a formal dress in sailor stripes be amazing?!).  These things do not exist so you have to create them!

For jewelry –

Baroque Pearl Strand 16″, hitchcock Madrona $385

Sterling Silver and Bronze Arrowhead Necklace, Pamela Love $250

(Chanel necklace – I can’t seem to do without in the morning)

Leather and Nylon Bracelets, coming soon!

Let your husbands know that we are stocked and ready for Mother’s Day.  I will be here tomorrow and Saturday all day to help the men!  Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to give (or receive!) something that 1.) You wouldn’t buy yourself 2.) Is non-practical and 3.) That she will have forever.  That’s my philosophy.  🙂




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