Windows: Vests and Scarves

We are so proud to introduce our most current passion project – vests!  Dustin and I designed these a few months ago and made six for the boutique.  They are inspired by a Victorian (circa 1913) Men’s Wool Vest I have in my collection.  We had them made in really fun colors.  The front is a light corduroy and the back panel is bright Madras fabric we sourced in India.  All have a cream satin lining and can be washed easily.  We are so excited that we could finally express ourselves through clothing.  They complement our new light weight cotton scarves made for us in Italy.

Corduroy and Madras Vests, hitchcock Madrona $145

Cotton Scarves, hitchcock Madrona $135

Dustin and I are happy to bring a little Double RL esthetic (Ralph Lauren’s vintage inspired line) to Madrona.  Can you tell we are fans?  Que the worn Levis and Carharts.



2 Comments on “Windows: Vests and Scarves”

  1. Gabbi says:

    I saw these in your window the other day and just love them. Do you still have any?

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