Jewelry Wardrobe Basics – Earrings

What do we need for our ears?  Looking at my picks for this post I think a good rule of thumb for earrings is “GO BIG OR GO STUD”.  Either earrings are the focal point, in which case you want a really fabulous, decorative pair (even in day!!!) or they are the finishing touch to your look.  Basically, just something to fill your ear holes and compliment the 57 necklaces that you have on your neck.  You may wonder, where are the diamond and pearl studs on this list??  Well, we strive to bring you what you DON’T have and what you HAVEN’T seen.  Sorry, I will stop screaming at you in this post.  Anyway, here are some earring categories that are basic yet still “hitchcock Madrona” (unique and unexpected).

1.  The Showstopper Earring

Vintage Tassel and Turquoise Earrings, Xenia Mara Designs, $165

2.  The Extra Large Hoop

Sterling Silver Hoop, Mineral by Lisa Kinoshita $130

3.  The Cool Stud

14K Gold Pyramid Stud Earring, Loren Stewart $399, 18K Gold Black Diamond Stud Earring, hitchcock Madrona $425

4.  The Simple Stone Drop

Faceted Quartz Crystal and Sterling Stone Drops, hitchcock Madrona $165

5.  The Tribal Earring

Wood, Onyx and Brass Earrings, Winifred Grace $169, Bronze Tribal Hoops, Pamela Love, $253

6.  The “Vintage” Earring

Brass and Rhinestone Earring, Lulu Frost $165



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