Just in: Industrial Sterling Silver Bracelet

I am so happy to release this new bracelet design.  We have been working on it for about four months (proportion is everything with this design).  This is a solid sterling silver bracelet inspired by something from the hardware store.  It is the perfect balance between chunky and sleek (never thought that would be possible).  We are so happy with the result.  I have been wearing it all day and I can actually type in it (bonus!).  This is an investment piece but I know you will enjoy this forever (which is the essence of our design philosophy).  We want you to own and love our pieces forever.

Let’s take a closer look –

* There is a diamond detail on the T bar clasp.  Of course.  🙂  We have only a few of these bracelets.  We can edit to fit your wrist.  Email me for questions: info@hitchcockmadrona.com.  Hope everyone has a great day!  Let’s hope the sun comes out in Madrona.  We need it!



One Comment on “Just in: Industrial Sterling Silver Bracelet”

  1. Not sure why the photos are not loading on this post – I am working on it!

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