What I am wearing today…

I tried to femme up my ensemble with some showstopping earrings.  These are made by Maria Carter – probably my favorite pair of earrings in the store.  I imagine someone wearing these with a huge straw hat, a bikini and cork wedges.  That would be perfect.  Or,  what I am wearing: men’s Oxford shirt (truly men’s not “boyfriend”), khaki pants (they are skinny – that is the only thing saving me today) and Celine platforms (the outfit needed a bit of street cred).  Why I am dressing on the wrong side of the Gap again?  Again meaning when I was in high school – give me a break, suburban jock girl in the 90’s.  In my defense, nobody looked particularly fetching (attractive) in Doc Martins, baggy jeans and flannel shirts.  I digress, I am also working on my jewelry wardrobe basics blog – earrings edition.  Earrings are on my mind this afternoon!

14K Gold Filled Wire, Lapis, Hematite and Gold Disk Earrings, Maria Carter $255

Hope everyone has a good weekend once they get there!



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