Just in: Iossellianni Collar

Ummmmm, the most fabulous necklace ever!  Who is going to get this prize?!  We just received a few more pieces from our spring/summer order from Iossellianni.  Wow!  This line never disappoints.  Can you imagine wearing this in the summer with a white tank top or crisp white shirt (a la Ricky Lauren – Navajo belt, jeans and riding boots).

Rhinestone, Chain and Stud Collar, Iossellianni Collar $705

Worn with: Obsidian Arrowhead and Sterling Silver Ring, Pamela Love $495 and Delicate Gold Bands, hitchcock Madrona $135 (worn on ring and index finger)



3 Comments on “Just in: Iossellianni Collar”

  1. green and pear it says:

    How on earth does one win such a prize???? Love it!

  2. Kiesha Yokers says:

    Okay, seriously. That is the greatest piece I have ever seen! Tell me it was purchased already to ease my temptation!!!

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