Just in: BARBOUR!

We just received our newest line of women’s accessories: Barbour of England.  We have long loved the timeless quality that Barbour products possess.  We hand-picked a small, exclusive selection of products we thought our clients would appreciate.  We wanted the best of the best!  Come in and check out the quality for yourself.  They are top-notch!  We now carry Barbour tote bags, handbags, boots and umbrellas.

First up – BOOTS!  I just unwrapped and purchased these for myself (I must have a pair, right?).  Yeah!  Love them!  The short style is so different from what I normally see and, I think, a bit easier to wear than my high (heavy) green Wellies.  I am going to wear them with everything (especially our high cashmere socks!).

Short Black Barbour Wellies $125 (can you beat that?!) Sizes 6 – 9

Here is what I am wearing for jewelry today.

Xenia Mara Brass Layers Necklace, $320

Pamela Love Obsidian Arrowhead Ring w/ Sterling Silver Setting, $475

Call me if you want some boots!  They are amazing!  We will post about our other Barbour selections soon.



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