Just in: Iosselliani

Get new pieces from Iosselliani here at hitchcock, check ’em out:

Iosselliani, Set of 3 Bangles with Pink Agate, $415. Iosselliani, Set of 5 Bangles with Agate & Turqouise, $455

(Right to Left) Iosselliani, Gold Plate & Black Brass Cuff, $205, Iosselliani, Brass Bangle with Studs, $165, Iosselliani, Malachite, Jasper & Rhinestone Bracelet, $290

Iosselliani, Black & Gold Multiwires Necklace, $290, Iosselliani, Malachite, Jasper & Rhinestone Necklace, $330

(Left to Right) Iosselliani, Blue Agate Feather Ring, $205, Iosselliani, Bronze Rectangle Ring, $215, Iosselliani, Ram’s Head Ring, $165

(Left to Right) Iosselliani, Two Ring Necklace, $260, Iosselliani, Bronze Rectangle Necklace, $195, Iosselliani, Bronze Ring Necklace, $215

Iosselliani, Chain Earrings with Mixed Stones, $230

Always such great pops of color from Iosselliani, love it! And how perfect are the simple bronze pendent necklaces, a brilliant layering option.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Bisou, bisou,


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