What I am wearing today….and new hair!

Here is my new hair….platinum blonde.  I am still getting used to it but having fun with bright lips.

Today I wanted to wear this new Sapphire “Twinkler” Necklace.

Multi – Sapphire Twinkler, hitchcock Madrona $375.  When we purchased this strand of sapphires I imagined that it would be a long ombre necklace that you can wear all the time.  To achieve this ombre I had to sort all the colors and string them strategically.  The result is perfect – the colors are soooo beautiful.  Amber, deep red, light greens and blues and even white in clear stripes.

I paired it with an Xenia Mara Copper Layers Necklace, $330 and Solid 18K Gold Flower Spear Necklace with Amber Chalcedony, $765.

A closer look at the colors in the sapphire piece.  Gorgeous!  I can’t think of a color you can wear that would not match this necklace.  That’s a double negative but you know what I mean!  I hope.

Have a great evening everyone!




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