What I am wearing today…..

It’s embarrassing how much I wear this RRL sweater I got in NYC in September.  I love it so much.  Also, this hat has been my “crazy morning no hair” go to.  We are having our house painted today and tomorrow so the morning with my baby and painters = low maintenance.

But, jewels make every outfit better!

Square “Bling” Stud Earring, Lulu Frost $98

Rhinestone Leaf Bracelet, Lulu Frost $205

Plaza Hotel #8 with Vintage Rhinestone Buttons, Lulu Frost $300

Sterling Silver “MADRONA” Necklace (which is hiding), hitchcock Madrona $165

Pearl, Crystal and Antique African Brass Bead Double Layer Necklace, hitchcock Madrona $365



*lipstick is Revlon “Black Cherry” my current OBSESSION

One Comment on “What I am wearing today…..”

  1. well, well, well, don’t you look swell, my darling?
    thank you and dustin for sending Rumer that lovely ring.
    she sent a card thanking Dustin herself. i wanted to take a gorgeous photo of her with my good camera, but unfortunately, we hardly had any time, as she was here for only 4 days. i will be going on tour with her in January, and then i will take a lovely picture for you guys.
    it was a pleasure meeting you this year, and i hope to see you again soon.
    happy holidays for you and Dustin.

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