Just In: Natalia Brilli

I am beyond thrilled to be able to share with you the genius Natalia Brilli we now have at hitchcock. Natalia Brilli is a fashion accessories designer extraordinaire  (she has worked extensively in the theatre and fashion worlds designing sets and costumes and working with celebrated fashion designers), her work is gorgeous. She uses  fine leather and suede to painstakingly encase (using a process similar to that of glove makers) every object imaginable and create beautiful jewelry and works of art. BRILLIant!

Natalia Brilli, Twigs and Fangs Necklace, $765

Natalia Brilli, Little Nolex, $385

The “Nolex”, how charming is that!?

Natalia Brilli, Sunglasses Pouch, $200

The perfect pouch for your Raybans… this leather is sooo buttery, yum.

Natalia Brilli, Leather and Chains Choker, $640

We also have some adorable little credit card embossed wallets,  to die for leather encased ID bracelets, and subtler (but still rad!)  necklaces and bracelets by Brilli. You have got to check these wonderful pieces out in person. Something Brilli is definitely on the top of my Christmas list… I just can’t decide which something!

Bisou, bisou,


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