This Just In: Lulu Frost Code Collection

As promised: a post on the scrumptious Lulu Frost Code Collection… take a peak:

I’m wearing the Number “3” Ring and the Number “1” Ring, both are solid 14k gold and priced at $460. The rings don’t immediately jump out as numbers, which I actually like, they are just a beautiful, interesting, sublte shape (is the font perfection or what!?).

And on to the pendants and diamonds…

I’m wearing the Number “2” Necklace with diamonds. It is solid 18k gold, with 2 diamonds and priced at $1,080. We only have the numbers “2” & “3” with diamonds, but don’t fret, we have plain solid 14k gold necklaces in “2”, “3”, “4”, “7”, and “8”.

This collection is so special. A Lulu Code piece is the perfect gift (and gift to one’s self of course!). Pick out a lucky number, a birth date, an anniversary, number of children, what have you. These are simply gorgeous pieces of fine jewelry to add to anyone’s collection.


Bisou, bisou,




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