Just in: hitchcock Fine Jewelry

We have finally completed the holiday shipment of our proprietary fine jewelry line.  hitchcock Fine Jewelry is for people who love fine jewelry (solid gold and diamonds!) but feel like the fine jewelry world doesn’t offer enough modern, fashion-forward, and edgy designs.

All of our fine jewelry is made by hand from solid 18k yellow gold.  Most items feature white, champagne or black diamonds.

18 K Gold and Diamond Stacking Rings $450 (sizes 6 & 7 available)

I am totally obsessed with this design.  It is a solid 18k gold and diamond half ring.  I have been wearing it all day and it stays put and is really comfortable.  You can also wear it on your pinky finger.  $395

More of our ever popular gold shield necklaces.  Small 18K gold and diamond shield $395 and large 18K gold and diamond shield $495.

This is a new style for us – I call it the “Diamond Dot”.  It is so pretty, delicate and perfect for layering.  We have three in stock.  This is the largest one.  It is a 20 point white diamond on a 18k gold chain.   We have a variety of diamond sizes (but all are white right now) on gold or silver chain.  Prices range from $595-$795.  This is going to be such a wonderful holiday gift.  Every woman would want to receive this little sparkler.

Here is a quick picture of the two earring styles in the line.  Behind is our version of a “diamond stud”, even though they are sapphires. 🙂  This is the first sapphire pair I have done – they are normally the square gold with little diamonds in the center. We have black and champagne diamond available (already sold the white diamonds – they lasted 4 hours).  $485

In front our black spinel and 18k gold stud.  This style features the stone set in a thick bezel of textured 18k gold.  This pair is shinny on the face and satin on the side.  $425  When I got these black spinel stones I think I got four sets.  This have been a perfect alternative to a white diamond and white gold stud which I noticed my clients wearing daily.  I thought that it would be the same utility but a different color combo.  I also have citrine in this style available (one-of-a-kind).

Here is me wearing all of it!  I am also wearing my beloved Unearthen bullet crystal necklace.  We have a good selection of Unearthen right now too.

Come visit and try on our new fine jewels.  This is probably all the stock we are getting until next year.  So, tell your husbands to call me asap!  🙂




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