Seventy Eight Percent

You may have heard that we’ve started carrying this super cool bag line, Seventy Eight Percent…

Take a look at these beauties:

We have three sizes :

-The large “Schults” satchel $575

-The medium “Dimitri” satchel $475

-The small “Zazie” satchel $375

All Seventy Eight Percent bags are made with:

-Wax coated Japanese Canvas (produced from Egyptian cotton) that is resilient and water repellent

– Vegetable-tanned Italian Leather (an environmentally friendly tanning process!)

Each bag is HAND MADE, sometimes by up to 3 craftmen&women who can take up to 50 hours to assemble just one bag! The work truly shows in the bags, they are gorgeously crafted.

The “Schults” satchel has a padded compartment ideal for your 15″ MacBook Pro while the “Dimitri” is padded to perfection for your 13″ MacBook Pro. All bags have pocket organizers for your gadgets (iphone, passport, pens, camera, credit cards, etc.)

We also have the “Dirk” shoulder bag/belt bag $205:

This little guy is actually quite versatile, the strap can be detached, run through the bag loops & used as a belt! A totally chic fanny pack.  The main pocket is big enough for an ipad, kindle, or notebook and there are multiple pockets for pens, keys, wallet, all your necessities.

We have two color combos in each size – come in and take a look!

Bisou, bisou,


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