Introducing ETRO Fragrance: Heliotrope, Ambra, New Tradition

HELIOTROPE: Orange blossom, hawthorn, heliotrope flowers, almond, vanilla, coumarin

Etro: “The lore of witchcraft says that heliotrope flowers bring the truth to light.  Mixed with vanilla it becomes a revitalizing infusion, as fragrant as the cream of cake, as luminous as a Mediterranean dawn.  Bitter almonds blend with the spicy perfume of coumarin to sharpen the perceptions, to stop so much sweetness from becoming too cloying, too heady. ”

Erica: At first sniff I really get the almond and vanilla.  But, ss it dries down the floral comes through.  It is a very unique floral – you can smell the flower and the stem.  This makes it not overly feminine, which is usually why I stay away from floral scents in general.  The heliotrope flower and almond are expertly blended so they balance each other nicely.  One word for this one: yum.  Literally – I want to eat it.

AMBRA: Amber, bergamot, coriander, labanum, rose, geranium, storax, opoponax patchouli, vanilla, musk

Etro: “Ambergris is a rare essence, a secretion of the sperm whale, who uses it to attract mates from across the ocean.  A seduction that melds with other arcane and precious essences, such as the black resin of the American snowbell tree, and opoponax, the freshness of bergamot, the mildly musky and spicy note of coriander, softened by the languor of labdanum.”

Erica: One of my favorites!  This is so warm, spicy, subtle, and sexy.  I imagine it would smell soooo good on a man.  The use of amber is light and all the other notes just compliment and enhance the primary note.  You can’t really get anything else besides the amber – or at least I can’t.  I am wearing it today and it is so appropriate for this grey fall weather.  I’m not sure if I would pick it up in summer.

NEW TRADITION: Lavender, patchouli, lemon, bergamot, rose, ylang ylang, clove, vetiver, musk

Etro: “male fragrances like lavender and citrus marry the uninhibited femininity of rose, ylang ylang and iris, share the hypnotic sensuality of patchouli with the spicy zest of cloves.”

Erica: The vetiver is really produced but maybe I just more sensitive to it.  Vetiver is a scent I have never been able to love.  As this fragrance dries down it blends more with the other notes.  I don’t get much floral or lemon.  The patchouli takes a back seat to the vetiver.  A little bit masculine for me but it will work for a woman.  If you love vetiver this a musk – I mean MUST. 🙂  I also smell kind of a pine needle or forest scent.

I am doing these descriptions in no particular order and not editing these posts to hardcore.  Otherwise they would never go out.  So, excuse all typos and grammar problems.  That’s my disclaimer.  🙂

Stay dry!  XOXO


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