Trunk Show: Xenia Mara


hitchcock Madrona presents:

Xenia Mara Trunk Show

Thursday, September 29, 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Because so many of you love the work of Xenia Mara, we are delighted to present her latest one-of-a-kind designs at an exclusive trunk show at hitchcock Madrona. Xenia is a master at combining vintage chain with precious and semi-precious stones. We are fortunate to carry the largest selection of the new Xenia Mara Precious Collection using raw, yellow and black diamonds. Her painstaking attention to detail and composition is rarely rivaled. The way her designs lay on the body is both flattering and versatile, which is why so many of you consistently come back for more.

The artist herself will be in attendance to answer any questions, explain her influences and ideas, as well as to put a face with the gorgeous collection she delivers time and time again.

Feel free to bring your friends to appreciate Xenia’s awe-inspiring work. Wine and appetizers will be served.

Xenia Mara, Pyrite and Rainbow Obstentite Necklace, $315

Xenia Mara, Vintage Dark Copper Chain Necklace, $335

Xenia Mara, Vintage Chain and Dark Pearl Bracelet, $265

Just a taste of the to-die-for Xenia pieces we already have in the store…can’t wait to see all her new pieces – guaranteed to be show-stoppers!

Xenia Mara, Rutilated quartz with Vintage Paperclip Chain, $298

Xenia Mara, Sponge Coral with Vintage Loop Chain, $295

Hope to see you all Thursday night!

Bisou, bisou,


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